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Update, Friday 2011-01-28

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Welcome to new ports and areas on Digital Seas!

AIS sharers, please don’t forget to contact us to get your personal set-up and new Fleetmon access!

[+] added new AIS antenna: Port Kembla, Australia — thanks John!

[+] added new AIS antenna: Haifa

[+] added new AIS antenna: Bornholm, Denmark

[+] added new AIS antenna: Floro, Norway

[+] added new AIS antenna: Cologne, Godorf, Germany

Fleetmon :mobile v.1.4 out in the Apple store now

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New version is available from today on!
Checkout the new List and Port section. We’ve put a lot of work into even better performance and usability. Multitasking is now supported and all settings are right there, when you restart the app. It should be a pleasure to use it on a regular basis.
FreePromoCodes will be posted on Wed, 2011-01-05 11:00 UTC via twitter:

We want to deliver the best Vessel tracking app on the market. One app for all of your devices, no hidden payments, perfect performance, smooth even on older devices, large coverage with almost no delay, optimized for fast daily use, that is Fleetmon :mobile.

mods in v1.4:
✔ new list function, select your viewport first and list only active vessels inside
(berth, port entries, area monitoring), automatically updates of course!
✔ complete support for the iOS 4.2 multitasking options on iPhone und iPad, just continue, where you stopped working the last time

✔ now with manual update button in vessels detail view (keep your loved ship selected)
✔ save current port (Ports) with update option
✔ better usability and performance, also while updating
✔ color corrections for better readability, new artwork :-)
✔ no limits for fast devices, measuring iPad und iPhone (now radius 50sm <= 500 vessels)

Update, Friday 2010-11-12

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[+] puuh, we’ve got a new server up and running, hoping there are some speed improvements
[+] worked on all those fixes, related to change of backend

[+] added new AIS antenna: Panama, Panama City !!!! We love it !!!
[+] added new AIS antenna: Bahamas: Nassau
[+] added new AIS antenna: Netherlands: Njimegen

[*] fixed My ImageManager, now able to handle a couple thousand images
[*] MyVesselList reworked, with new layout
[*] Vessel History adjusted, now reflecting all former recorded signals of vessel-hull
[*] VesselData added
[*] TinyUploader fixed (wrong IMO assignment in seldom cases:-)


Moving to new Server today…

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we are expecting delays and even a short downtime during the day (European time) when moving the site to a new server. Thank you for the patience, we will then continue with better resources and faster response times.

20101009: LISCO GLORIA, vessel on fire after explosion in the Baltic Sea

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Ferry LSICO GLORIA of DFDS, image copyright: Frank Zerzau, 2010

The ferry has been between the isles of Fehmarn, DE and Langeland, DK in the night from Friday to Saturday, when a fire broke out after an explosion at the upper deck.

236 passengers and crew members got rescued by the ferry DEUTSCHLAND and are back in Kiel’s Marine base.
Ten Tugs, firefighting vessels and helicopters took part in the action, three injured people have been broght to the hospital. The vessel is on anchor in the open sea now. The Danish government sent the MARIE MILJOE to secure a possible oil spill of the 200 tons diesel-oil on bord of the ferry.
The LISCO GlORIA is a ferry of DFDS serving the line from Kiel to Klaipeda.




screenshots of scenario from “FleetMon”, our software for live vessel tracking:


Overview Baltic Sea


South of Langelung


New Rescue Tug BALTIC from Rostock

more vessel coming for help

more vessel coming for help

Update: Friday 2010-10-08

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[+] new AIS antenna: Zeebrugge, BE
[+] new AIS antenna: Stavanger, NO
[+] new AIS antenna: Vigo, SP

[+] Fleetmon V2: released first alpha version to limited user group, defined timeline to bring the new client online for all users

[+] lots of work in creating new API
[+] new admin functions for image-moderators for flagging and making users aware of quality and copyright issues




Update: Friday 2010-09-24

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[+] new AIS antenna: Newcastle, GB – thanks Ian!
[+] new AIS antenna: Rijeka, Croatia – thanks Ivan!

[+] new AIS antenna: Utrecht, NL

[+] new AIS antenna: Riga, Latvia

[+] new AIS antenna: Dover, GB!

[*] Fleetmon mobile was checked in to the AppStore – expected to be released this weekend!

Fleetmon :mobile v.1.3 checked in

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fleetmon-mobile_v1-3_list-viewwe spend quiet some time on the complete rewrite of Fleetmon :mobile for the iPhone and iPad over the last month. During development of the client we also changed the database schemata to decrease the delay of position info down to 2secs and opened an API for most of the services.
We believe there is no other software available for mobile devices, which shows more current information of vessel positions and better images :-) (thanks to the help of all of you!)
Yes, the improvements will be visible on the DS platform also and especcially in the new Version 2 of Fleetmon, coming soon.

– Complete rewrite of Fleetmon :mobile for multi device support
– iPad-Support (incl. rotation, one version of app for iPhone and iPad: do not pay twice when using your iPad)
– Retina-Support, new icons and images for the high resolution screens
– New default: first start geopos is Germany, W’muende :-)
– Storage of all App-Settings for multitasking use
– reducing delay of vessel position view to 2secs !!
– New Fleetmon API on server
– cleaning minor bugs, glitches in App
– New “start” and “about” screens

– New  automatic MapReloadSwitch in config settings (default = off)
– New reload control visualizing the Pinchdelay (automatic reload after map move)
– New colored type icons for list views
– New  verbal location info in Spotter Mode (useful when browsing pure SAT maps)

– Faster Search, reducing position delay to < 3sec
– New thumbnail images of vessels

– New reload/update button in port lists
– New map view in port section

GERMAN translation______________
– vollständig neue Umsetzung der App auf Multi-Geräteunterstützung
– iPad-Support (mit Rotation), kaufen Sie eine App und nutzen Sie Fleetmon auf iPhone und iPad
– Anpassungen für iOS 4, FastAppSwitch
– natürlich wurden neue Grafiken speziell für iPhone 4 erstellt :-)
– alle Nutzerinfos werden gespeichert, “da weitermachen, wo aufgehört”
– Echtzeit Schiffspositionen (geben Sie sich nicht mit Stundenintervallen zufrieden)
– Neue Fleetmon API des Servers
– Neue Start und Info Screens
– Performance verbessert, Glitches beseitigt

– Neue automatische Reload-Funktion wählbar
– Neue Status-Anzeigen für Hafeninfo und Update-Intervalle
– Neue farbige Typ-Icons in Schiffslisten (konsistent mit Digital-Seas und Marinetraffic)
– Design-Anpassung im Detail-View zur besseren Lesbarkeit/Scanbarkeit

– Schnellere Suche, Positionsanzeige unverzögert ab 3sec
– Neue Listen Darstellung der Schiffsbilder

– Neue Updatemöglichkeit für die Portlisten
– Neue Mapanzeige in der Portlistung