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GEORG BUECHNER sunk, AIS track of her last moments here available

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130528 GEORG BUECHNER AJAKS - foto copyright #5987
Polish Coast Guard confirms that GEORG BUECHNER sank at approximate position 54.55871’N / 18.31,308’E in unknown depth northeast off Rozewie Lighthouse.
This is the position indicated in below screenshot. Navigational warnings issued. Foto:

actions possible: pickup seamen

main image of situation

Google Earth view with timestamps and position

FleetMon offers this AIS recordings as a GoogleEarth file

FleetMon Record: Ajaks_2013-05-31.kmz

We would be glad to hear about results of your analyzes and new opinions!

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Business Register: Advertise in more ports

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Good news for suppliers, agents and other providers of nautical-technical services: The FleetMon Business Register now supports advertising your company in multiple ports at once.

For those already registered: Conveniently manage your entries from the main Business Register page: Choose your entry from the table and click “Edit this entry” to add further ports.

FleetMon Pro and Unlimited subscribers can advertise their company in up to 5 ports. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need broader coverage.

More information on the company register can be found in our previous post.

On the heels of agricultural goods flow: The FleetMon Agricultural Commodities Trading Database

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Croatian bulk carrier SPLIT arrived in the Belgian port of Ghent a few days ago. What is its cargo, where did it come from?

FleetMon knows: It carried agricultural commodities. Our new Agricultural Commodities Trading Database holds records on bulk shipments of over 90 different commodities between over 100 countries. Both past and current shipments are listed, and it is easy as usual on to drill down the results and look for a specific ship, a certain commodity group, or shipments to a certain port or market.

So, what do we know about SPLIT’s cargo? Pull up the database, and here we are: It carried 27’500 tons of rapeseed from the Ukrainian port of Odessa to the Western European market. Awaited on 2012-10-25, it arrived well on time.

Did SPLIT engage in other transports of agricultural commodities over the last months? Which ports does it call to regularly? And what other goods are going to be shipped from Odessa to Belgium? What quantities of sunflower seeds are currently under way? All these question can be readily answered with the database.

The close integration with the FleetMon Vessel Database and AIS tracking opens undreamt-of possibilities in the analysis of commodity trades. Up-to-date position information allows to make informed decisions and react early on delays, ETA changes and incidents.

We are proud to offer our users this fantastic new perspective on the world’s commodity flows today. To access the database, just subscribe to our Agricultural Commodities service via the order page (not included in Pro or Unlimited plans) or request a free trial.

Use the Voyage Log to get a detailed track of the shipment

FleetMon Mobile: v1.8 released in App store

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Today we’ve got a holiday here in Germany. While thinking about reformations, why not use the sparetime to update your version of FleetMon mobile?
The just released version 1.8 is now available at the app store and because we like gifts, here are some promo codes, for the fast ones…

  • 3MX9PKTETJ44
  • 7ML34H4NW6WT
  • NWNEJNXRF33W is our well developed tracking app for your access to please post your succesful code use here :-)

Satellite AIS: The world’s vibrant transport backbone

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A week of ship traffic on the seven seas, seen from space. Get a glimpse of the vibrant lanes of goods transport that link the continents in this fascinating video.

The vessel movements were captured using newest space-borne and terrestrial AIS technology from FleetMon and its partner Luxspace. The records cover the world’s merchant fleet with some 100’000s of cargo ships, tankers, ferries, plus cruise ships, yachts and tugs.

Satellite AIS enables tracking any AIS equipped vessel even when sailing the open seas. Combining high-resolution terrestrial and global space-based tracking in a unique seamless fashion, FleetMon brings you the best in today’s AIS tracking!

Satellite AIS is now available in FleetMon Satellite Tracking, our full-fledged fleet monitoring service, in FleetMon’s Customer APIs, reports and analyses of maritime traffic data.

What can we do for you? Contact us to discuss satellite AIS for your project! More information:

Lost contact to vessel – what if…?

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In a new case of piracy in the Golf of Guinea, Greek tanker ORFEAS disappeared from the screens and remained unreachable for three long days. It must have been dreadful hours for the crew, their families and the ship managment. Pirates had hijacked the vessel transporting 35,000 tons of gasoline to Abidjan in the Ivory Coast.

Obviously, navigation equipment had been cut down on the vessel, so it could no longer be detected by AIS, neither terrestrial nor satellite, or contacted via Inmarsat. While “invisible”, the vessel crossed the Gulf of Guinea sailing some 650 nautical miles until it popped up again on Oct 9th, when the pirates finally released the ship with crew in good health, having stolen part of the cargo (see our news coverage).

Good to now: FleetMon Satellite Tracking provides ship managers with a fleet monitoring solution that is able to track vessels even in situations when they are not under control. More information here.

FleetMon launches Maritime Business Register

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The FleetMon Martime Business Register connects companies in the global maritime business, bringing together buyers and providers, ships and ports.

Whether you are looking for food supply, marine equipment or specialist engineers – easily find the company offering the products and services you need
in any port of the world. Save time with detailed service descriptions and full-style contact details.

You want to represent your own company here and advertise your products and services to the global maritime community of FleetMon users? You’re welcome, it’s free! Your company will be listed in the main maritime business register and on the port of your choice in the section “Companies in port”.