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Result of the Picture of the Week/Month Survey

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A few weeks ago we ran a survey to get feedback on the picture of the month/week tool. Many thanks to everybody who filled out the form and shared their experiences with us. More then 93% of the participants like this new tool and some made improvement proposals that we considered. We will use this feedback to improve the tool in the coming releases.

We want to thank everybody for all their support, their fantastic pictures and lovely words. Every day we have the chance to see fantastic, high quality pictures and that is why we we have updated the image guidelines to give you more chances to publish creative and high quality pictures.

Our experience with the community has been very courteous, fair and friendly. We continue to solve all issues together and strive to be fair and polite. If there is a problem or a question, please feel free to contact the support team by email or chat window. If anyone is interested in getting involved in keeping the image database quality high, we would be happy to welcome volunteers to support our image moderation team.

If you have further questions or suggestions just contact us.