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AIS coverage back to normal after attack

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Good news: FleetMon’s AIS coverage is back to normal after the malicious attacks on the FleetMon servers over the weekend. Thanks to all partners who supported us, and thanks to all FleetMon users for their understanding. We are now better geared to resist such attacks should they appear again in the future.

Welcome to new AIS stations and partners

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Many thanks to all new partners who joined the FleetMon AIS community within the last month! With your help the coverage could be expanded further to the benefit of all FleetMon users.

These gaps could be filled with fresh AIS data:

  • The Port of Piombino in Italy
  • The waters around Hanstholm in Denmark
  • The Port of Corpus Christi in the United States
  • The river Neckar around Hirshhorn in Germany
  • The Port of Malacca in Malaysia
  • The waters around Bilbao in Spain
  • The Ports of Poti and the Port of Batumi in Georgia
  • The Port of Yalta in Ukraine

Enhanced monitoring and increased reception ranges can be enjoyed for Istanbul, Tuapse, Novorossiysk, Kerch and Temryuk.

If you would like to support the FleetMon community with AIS data from your port or waterway – as usually – please get in touch with us!



Welcome to new AIS stations and partners

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We are grateful to all contributors who joined the FleetMon AIS network recently! Explore several fresh AIS stations and enjoy now the life maritime traffic for:

If you would like to support FleetMon with AIS data from your port or region, please get in touch with us!

Live marine traffic in St. Petersburg


Welcome to new AIS stations and partners

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Many new AIS partners joined the FleetMon AIS network over the last weeks. Thanks to their support and dedication you can now enjoy extended AIS coverage for:

Thanks a lot to everybody!

If you would like to become an AIS partner of FleetMon as well, please feel free to get in touch with us.

The coast of Galicia in Spain

Incheon Port in Korea

Extended coverage for the waters around Whitstable

The port of Casablanca

A Happy New Year 2013

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The whole team here at FleetMon wishes you a Happy New Year 2013! Thanks so much for using FleetMon and for supporting us with your valuable feedback over the last year. We’re looking forward with you to on exciting FleetMon year!



Helping Santa and the Kids is just a great thing to do.


We’re especially happy to announce our most recent reference customer: Santa Claus. Santa uses our recent Satellite Tracking while delivering presents around the world ;-)

We wish you a great time with friends and family and a Happy New Year!

Welcome to new AIS ports and areas! 2012-08

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Some great new ports and waterways could be added to the FleetMon AIS network in the last few weeks.

Find now the port of Dakar covered, as well as the port of Mariupol in the Sea of Azov. A new, larger antenna was launched in Dubai, providing now an exceptional reception range of over 500 kilometers! Sao Luis in Brazil was equipped with a new antenna and AIS coverage for Saint Lucia in the Caribbean Sea was established.

Thanks a lot to all AIS partners, sharers and supporters who help us extending the AIS coverage day by day!

A lot of new AIS receiver stations are waiting for new hosts all around the world – get in touch with us, if you would like to become an AIS partner yourself!

140’000 Vessel photos – And the Winner is…!

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The magical mile stone of 140’000 vessel photos was reached just some minutes ago!

Thanks to all of you who have shared photos with FleetMon over the last years – we hope to see more and more of your wonderful shots in the future.

And here it is, photo number 140’000 loaded up by captain53:

View it on the photo detail page of the AYDIN KAPTAN 53 on

And the winner of our photo bet is…. Ed Adams! Our congratulations! You just won one of our cool FleetMon T-Shirts!

To all of you that were not as lucky as Ed: Thanks for taking part and don’t be upset, there are still a lot of round sums to come :-)

2.000 miles on the sea: Yacht tracking on FleetMon

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FleetMon’s fellow member Rob was on a 2.000 miles trip to transfer the sailing vessel Marathon from Barcelona to Falmouth. He already shared some photos and information with FleetMon, and now, nearly arriving the destination of his journey has provided us with his personal experience report:
“When I was asked if I would like to join the delivery crew on Marathon I considered it to be a trip of a lifetime. It has certainly been that and also fun, exhilarating and hard work.
Being an active member and AIS contributor of FleetMon I saw the trip an opportunity to showcase the Fleetmon Satellite Tracking System.
The heart of the system is a small grey, highly waterproof box. On arrival in Barcelona it was simply a case of placing it anywhere on the vessel. I chose to place it on top of the instrument housing directly below a hatch and merely secured it with double sided tape.
It was a dream to use the tracking system – once switched on and deposited on the vessel, it required no further intervention and even reported back the state of charge of its replaceable batteries.

A brief word about the Marathon: Although based on the hull mould for a
44ft Feeling, Marathon was custom built in 1990 for the original owner to take part in a single handed round the world race and is of a double thickness fibreglass construction, in this guise it had no engine but was fitted with a generator where the engine now resides; all the sail handling gear on this cutter rigged yacht is set up for easy use with no less than 10 winches (5 either side) within the cockpit and a further 3 on the mast. With roller furling gear on the jib and foresail and up to four reefs possible in the mainsail it is easy to trim the yacht to suit the weather conditions without having to change sails – a system that came into its own in the severe storm we encountered  outside La Coruña. Due to  the unfavourable wind and weather conditions forecast we had to interrupt our delivery there and temporarily returned home.
My personal high point was climbing the mast to free off some trapped rigging on day 2, one of the trip’s high points were dolphins shadowing the boat off Portugal. A near miss with a large commercial that turned towards us was may be one of the most scary moments.
The trip has been made so much more pleasurable by my fellow crew members but I must highlight our skipper, Dick Smith, senior lecturer and vice principal of the Navigation School at the Royal Temple Yacht Club and highly experienced sailor without whose help and guidance the trip could have been quite daunting!
The Fleetmon Satellite Tracking service enabled family, friends and the registered owner to keep a track of our movements throughout the trip. Some crew members on phoning their family during a stopover to tell them where they were received the reply `I know, you have already been there a day, I am watching you on Fleetmon!´.
The trip has opened my eyes to the possibilities of a satellite tracking for not only large companies but also individuals, wishing to monitor their valuable but movable asset, fleet owners – both commercial and pleasure, offshore race organisers, delivery crews, etc.
The detailed data including speed profiles and weather and sea state information and forecast, available both in real time and as an historical downloadable file may be used for live position monitoring, post trip analysis, route planning and performance analysis.”
We are happy you enjoyed your adventure and say thanks for sharing your experiences with us, Rob!

Bet with us and win a FleetMon T-Shirt!

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Fleetmon is heading towards 140’000 fascinating ship photos – A reason to say “thank you” and a perfect occasion for an interactive game!

Leave a comment below, and bet, by when will reach the mark of 140’000 photos. The user providing the closest bet will get one of our cool FleetMon T-Shirts!

You can start right now, posting the date and time (UTC) you bet on – the entry deadline for bets is Monday night, the 16th of July at 12 pm UTC.

State of play: 137104 photos!




Welcome to new AIS ports and areas! June 2012

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Many new dedicated AIS partners and avid AIS sharers have helped us to further increase the FleetMon AIS coverage over the last 2 weeks.

Thanks to everybody involved and committed to make Fleetmon the best and most complete AIS network and tracking community worldwide!

Discover live marine traffic in the following new ports and areas: