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You can now enjoy live monitoring of vessel traffic in many new ports worldwide – We say thanks to all new AIS partners and contributors that joined FleetMon in the last weeks and made this possible!

Are you a ship enthusiast, interested in monitoring live vessel tracking at your place? Or would you like to improve your business with the help of AIS? Get in touch with us now! We’d be happy to provide you with your own AIS station or can set up customized AIS data services tailored to your needs.

AIS coverage for Bahrain

In the following, you can discover a fresh pick of ports worldwide that are now covered by AIS!

Monitor vessel traffic in the Spanish fishing port Viveiro and in the waters around.

Monitor live vessel traffic in the Spanish fishing port Viveiro and see how the fishing boats are hunting for their catch in the waters around.

Check what ships are scheduled to arrive to the port of Trieste and watch vessel live coming to Trieste and Koper

Check what ships are scheduled to arrive to the Italian port Trieste and watch vessels coming to the ports Muggia and Koper in the Gulf of Triest.

Enjoy improved AIS coverage for FleetMon's home port Rostock!

Enjoy improved AIS coverage for FleetMon’s home port Rostock!

AIS coverage could also be improved in FleetMon's  home port Rostock, in Vienna, Australia and along the river Waal, Netherlands.

AIS coverage could also be improved along the river Waal, Netherlands: get insight into the vessel movements on the river and see the actual size of ships on the map.

One of the most current eye catchers are mobile AIS stations traveling the Indian Ocean and collecting AIS in ports like Singapore, Calcutta and Colombo during their voyages

Last but not least: the most current eye catchers are mobile AIS stations traveling the Indian Ocean and collecting AIS in ports like Singapore, Calcutta and Colombo during their voyages.

Dive into FleetMon Explorer now and discover fresh AIS coverage by yourself!


FleetMon Explorer has been updated for you!

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Having access to global vessel tracking data is vital for almost everyone related to the maritime industry. Traffic analyses, fleet and operations monitoring, logistics and scheduling… whatever you’re in, realtime tracking data allows you to think one step ahead.

The fresh FleetMon Explorer update gives you new tools to assess vessel movements from global scale to port operations, quickly filtering down to what you really want to see!

Discover the handy vessel type and signal age filters, and easily pull up all your personal fleets – now displayed on brilliant new map layers. Look through a choice of our favorite views here or directly open FleetMon Explorer and try it yourself!

FleetMon Explorer - Filter vessels by type

FleetMon introduces a vessel type filter, allowing you to sort the ships on your screen by category. Quickly assess the number of tankers in the Persian Gulf and pleasure crafts in the Mediterranean, or just filter out vessel types that are not relevant for you.


Add vessels of interest to your My Fleet list and create individual tags to categorize your fleet as you choose. FleetMon Explorer fully supports your tagging system and displays your fleet in a separate view.


Activate different weather layers to assess vessel performance and progress. Additional insight into weather situation and forecast at a ship’s position is available on its detail page and will help you to schedule your operations.


From global traffic overview to detailed operations monitoring: Zoom down to see the ships in true dimensions — perfect for following maneuvers in real time on FleetMon’s sea charts.


Use the signal age slider or filter for terrestrial AIS, captured by land-based antennas, if you want to see live vessel movements only. Include satellite AIS data to see ships on high seas and have the signal age displayed directly on the map for quick analysis of the traffic situation.

Like what you see here? Sign-up for a free trial of our satellite-enabled plans on and get a first-hand experience of FleetMon Explorer together with FleetMon’s superior satellite AIS tracking quality, or talk to our sales team to discuss your project!


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We are very thankful to all new AIS partners and contributors who joined the FleetMon AIS network over the last while. With your help FleetMon’s community now can benefit from live AIS coverage in FleetMon Explorer for the following ports and areas:

Thanks to your support enhanced coverage could be provided for:

If you want to bring AIS light to your region – FleetMon is here to help you. Free AIS kits are waiting for their hosts and can be dispatched to every corner of the world! For sharing your AIS data with FleetMon and for operating FleetMon’s AIS receiver station you will be rewarded with a free Unlimited account. Interested and want to find out more? – click here to get in touch with us!

AIS coverage for Portoferraio

Live vessel traffic around Lagos

Port Klang covered by AIS

Do you have any plans for the weekend?

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To all tall ship lovers, vessel photographers and festival fans – don’t miss out Rostock’s 24th Hanse Sail!

Officially opened just a few minutes ago, the ports of Rostock and Warnemünde are already crowded: The famous historic tall-ship Santa Maria Manuela, impressive rebuilding Avatar and trader Tres Hombres are just a few of the many vessels that attend the event for the first time and share the berthing places with regular guests like the Gorch Fock, Hansekogge and Kruzenshtern.

First impressions from Rostock port

First impressions from Rostock port – that’s what Hanse Sail is about!

If you can’t join the party in person, get your share with the help of FleetMon:

  • Enjoy all vessel positions, tracks and spectacular ship photos on
  •  Monitor the daily rides of the fleet to the Baltic Sea with FleetMon Mobile on your smartphone, available for free in your App Store
  • Enjoy live tracking for all ships with detailed track review in FleetMon Explorer and in our free Hanse Sail Web Map

The FleetMon Team will keep you posted on the event and share photos  on Facebook and Twitter with you!

Tall Ship Sedov just arriving in time for the 24th Hanse Sail in Rostock

Tall Ship Sedov just arriving in time for the 24th Hanse Sail in Rostock!



Looking for live marine traffic in the RED SEA?

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That’s what FleetMon is looking for, too – so get in touch with us!

If you reside in Jeddah and have a little space for a small AIS receiver box from FleetMon, we’ve got a free AIS kit for you:

  • Simply mount the antenna of 1 meter length in a high location with free sight to the water
  • Connect the AIS receiver to a power socket and LAN jacket
  • And receive a free FleetMon Unlimited account and monitor live marine traffic as captured by you and AIS Partners all around the world!

Contact us and we will help you setting things up!

Red Sea covered by AIS

That’s what you want to see? Get the AIS kit from us!


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Over the last two months FleetMon’s AIS coverage has been enriched notably thanks to several AIS newcomers! Many new ports and areas are shining now with different colors in FleetMon Explorer. Thank you very much for joining FleetMon AIS community and for illuminating:

Increased reception ranges with plenty of colorful dots can be enjoyed for:

FleetMon is always happy to welcome new AIS partners! Should you already have an AIS station or you are thinking about mounting one, feel free to get in touch with us. We will help you to light your area with AIS and present it in FleetMon Explorer!

AIS coverage for Eastbourne

Live vessel traffic around Skagen, Denmark

Bay of Bengal covered by AIS


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Plenty of new AIS partners have entered the FleetMon AIS network recently! Thanks to their support FleetMon becomes more powerful each day and enables you to enjoy the real time vessel traffic in different ports and waters worldwide. Just dive into our FleetMon Explorer and discover the fresh AIS data coming from:

Furthermore, AIS coverage could be improved for the following areas:

Did you just stumble over an AIS station on the roof of your  building or you are thinking about installing one up there? Just get in touch with us and we would be pleased to help you with bringing AIS coverage to your area!

Extended coverage for the south coast of Ukraine

Live vessel traffic around Helgoland, North Sea

Extended coverage for Mid-Norway

Porto de Luanda in Angola


FleetMon Tells A Story – Take part and get Your free Unlimited account!

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Today, the FleetMon Support Team was asked to investigate the build date of the vessel MARITIME CENTURY. The information was easy enough to find, so we spent a few additional minutes and checked a bit further. Here is what we discovered on the fly:

The MARITIME CENTURY, a Panamanian-flagged bulk carrier, currently crosses the North Atlantic Ocean and is due to arrive at Amsterdam Port the 25th of November at 5 pm UTC. A quick glance into the vessel’s voyage log as captured via satellites revealed that the vessel’s last port of call was Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where it arrived after sailing the open sea for 2 weeks. The scheduled time of arrival was fully met and after a few hours in port the MARITIME CENTURY proceeded further north.

Maritime Century's track on the Atlantic Ocean


The online port call history of the ship, just one click away from the detailed vessel track and dating back till October 2011, gave us immediate insight into the intercontinental voyages of the ship. It mainly operated between Australian and East-Asian ports over the last 2 years. On its current voyage it now interlinks the port of Paranagua in Brazil, where it departured the 31st of October, with Europe.
Read more…

Welcome to new AIS stations and partners

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Warm greetings to all new AIS partners and contributors who joined the FleetMon community recently! Many major ports and prominent waterways have been included into FleetMon’s AIS network thanks to your help and support, such as:

AIS coverage could be furthermore improved for Melbourne, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong  and the Saaler Bay near Rostock. 

Every AIS contribution is highly appreciated and happily welcomed. So do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to bring AIS coverage to your port!


AIS coverage Surabaya AIS coverage Montevideo