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International Women’s Day 2023: Celebrating Women’s Achievements in the Maritime Industry

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International Women’s Day, celebrated annually on March 8th, is a day to honor women’s achievements and to support gender equality and gender justice. This year’s theme set by the United Nations, “Each for Equal,” calls on everyone to work towards a gender-equal world for all.

At FleetMon, we are proud to have twelve women on our team – about half of them are in management positions.

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The Journey of FleetMon, MarineTraffic and Kpler Begins

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Exciting times at FleetMon, MarineTraffic, and Kpler! We reported last week on the significant acquisition of our company along with MarineTraffic by Kpler, which promises to shake up the maritime data market. Since the announcement, everyone has been excited about what this new partnership will mean for the teams and the industry.

We at FleetMon were very pleased to welcome Demitris Memos (CEO of MarineTraffic), George Charikiopoulos (Head of Business Technology at MarineTraffic) and Nikos Psaltopoulos (COO of MarineTraffic) personally in Rostock.
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FleetMon and MarineTraffic Are Now Part of Kpler

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Exciting news: Kpler, the leading provider of commodities data and analysis, has acquired FleetMon and MarineTraffic. Together, we are meeting the challenges of the maritime data market by uniting two AIS networks and combining our expertise with Kpler to create a maritime data stack.

Kpler, FleetMon and MarineTraffic are one
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New Pricing and Plans: Tracking Just Got Easier! (Update)

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At FleetMon, we have always been pioneers in the maritime data industry. Established in 2007, we developed the world’s first open-access shipping database. Since then, we have never grown tired of digitalizing shipping and vessel traffic and making it even more transparent.

15 years of FleetMon. 15 years of innovations. 7 years of constant pricing and plans.

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FleetMon meets German Federal Bank

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“You can see all the ships in the world here?”, “All in real-time?”, “We never expected that!”

Yes, we at FleetMon can see all the ships in the world in real-time. And what else we can do and how we are revolutionizing the maritime logistics industry at our headquarters in Rostock were presented to representatives of the German Federal Bank.

Once a year, part of the German Federal Bank’s head office visits a local office. This year it is MV’s turn. Together with the German Federal Bank Rostock branch manager, Peter Kolzarek, 13 employees visited us on the afternoon of June 8 to look at our offices and learn more about FleetMon. As expected, we scored first with our unbeatable view over the Rostock city harbor. After a short coffee and water break, Peter Kolzarek took the word and thanked us for the invitation: “Even though we live in the north and are at home here in Rostock, nobody expected what is done here in these offices. We are delighted to be here.”

Peter Kolzarek, German Federal Bank Rostock branch manager, in conversation with Diego Piedra-Garcia, Data Quality & Project Administration employee at FleetMon.
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Welcome to FleetMon

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Was ist FleetMon überhaupt und was heißt das? Mit dieser Fragestellung kam Stefan Menzel zu uns ins Büro. Nach mehr als einer 1-stündigen Präsentation von Carsten Hilgenfeld, Leiter für Forschung und Entwicklung, war der NNN-Redakteur erstaunt, was hier oben an der Ostseeküste alles passiert. Der junge Mann aus Hamburg hat nämlich erst vor Kurzem bei der lokalen Presse seinen Job begonnen und kannte uns anscheinend noch nicht.

FleetMon ist die Kurzform für fleet monitoring und bedeutet Schiffsbeobachtung.

Auf die Frage, ob wir ein Start-up seien, haben wir mit einem Schmunzeln geantwortet. Nein, ganz und gar nicht. Denn die JAKOTA Cruise Systems gibt es bereits seit 2007 und gehört mittlerweile zu den weltweit führenden Unternehmen, die AIS-Daten empfangen, nutzen und auswerten. In unserem Kundenportfolio befinden sich namenhafte Firmen wie Tesla, Daimler AG und die Hammonia Reederei, die mithilfe unserer Schiffsdaten-Trackingsplattform ihre Warenströme planen und steuern.

Besonders interessiert sind wir stets an Kooperationen mit Universitäten auf der ganzen Welt. Wir stellen dafür unsere AIS-Daten für Forschungszwecke bereit. Zudem arbeiten wir u.a. mit dem Bundesministerium für Verkehr und Digitale Infrastruktur oder dem Deutschen Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt zusammen, um Projekte zu realisieren, die den Schiffsverkehr bestimmen.

Der kompletten Bericht über uns als Unternehmen JAKOTA Cruise Systems, mit dem Brand FleetMon, um es korrekt zu benennen, lest ihr hier. 


Film Project: Into the Atlantic – With FleetMon AIS

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A journey into the unknown. In April the North Sea is rough and cold. The average water temperature is settled at 8ºC, the wind blows with up to 60 knots and 11 meters tidal range isn’t extraordinary. Such a journey needs faith –  into your boat and your companion.

On March 30, Yenzi Brüggemann and Raleigh Gambino are going to start their tour from Amsterdam heading towards Färöer, a small group of islands in the North Atlantic. That means two friends alone on a sailing boat in the middle of the ocean.

The goal is to make a documentary film about the adventure. That the journey already delivers a really good bonfire story is clear. But will the journey have enough material for a whole film?

To get the material that is needed, FleetMon, as a pioneer in AIS tracking worldwide, provides support for this project thru a Track-Map in combination with a GPS satellite tracker installed on board. The satellite tracker was mounted onto the sailing boat with a lot of duct tape and love in the middle of the bedroom directly under the nose hatch. Equipped with this you can always see where Yenzi and Raleigh are and also where they have been. A really great project we are proud of sponsoring.

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FleetMon wins special Digital Technology Prize

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At FleetMon we’re very proud to have been recently awarded the first-ever Digital Technology Prize at the annual Ludwig Bülkow Technology Awards ceremony. The significance of this award can be seen, not least, in its name giver. Ludwig Bülkow was an aeronautical pioneer whose many achievements included Germany’s first jet fighter and an innovative helicopter rotorhead. As Ludwig Bülkow was also a native of what is now Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, this German state decided to name its Technology Awards after one of its most famous sons.


News extract from the NDR report.

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