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FleetMon under attack, AIS reception affected

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Starting Saturday evening 16:00 UTC, the FleetMon system finds itself under attack from unknown sources in the Internet that aim to interrupt or stop FleetMon’s services. While our servers have been successfully stabilized in the meantime, AIS reception is affected and not yet back to normal level. Thank you very much for your understanding.
We are working hard to block this kind of attack and identify the source, hopefully restoring full FleetMon coverage during Monday.

Update: AIS Coverage has been fully restored in the meantime. See our following blog post.

Tag your vessels, organize your fleet list!

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FleetMon’s My Fleet list is a great way to keep track of the ships you are interested in. My Fleet provides you with a fleet position overview at a glance on the map, both in your browser or on your mobile. And what’s more, the FleetMon start page and the daily e-mail report give you a concise summary of what has happened overnight in your “fleet”.

So, now you started collecting all ships of interest in your My Fleet – excellent! The FleetMon Pro and Unlimited accounts have plenty of space for you. But how to stay organized as your list grows?

We just introduced the My Fleet tag system for this purpose, which lets you sort and categories all entries in your list in a most flexible way:

  • Agents and suppliers: Organize your list by client, by status, by port of call, by week of arrival, …
  • Brokers: Organize by owner, type, tonnage, probability, interests, …
  • Ship spotters and ship lovers: Your favorite coasters from the 1980ies, Icelandic fisher boats, Swedish Navy Ships, …
  • Ship managers: Organize your fleet by type, by charterer, by department, by size, by year of built, … – and why not keep a list of competitor X and competitor Y?

You name it, everything is possible. You can assign the same ship to multiple tags; and multiple ships to the same tag.
The tag system adopts perfectly to the way YOU think and work.

Here is how:

Add tags when adding a vessel to your watchlist…


…so you can easily filter your My Fleet for those ships you are interested in.


Edit and assign tags from within My Fleet by clicking the “tag” icon in the rightmost column. FleetMon suggests tags that you are already using so that you don’t have to repeat yourself.


Now, go ahead, try the new organization system and make it part of your everyday work!

Don’t hesitate to let us have your comments and wishes, we are always happy to hear your feedback.

It’s here: FleetMon mobile for Android!

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We’ve listened to your wishes and developed a new version of FleetMon for all mobile devices!
FleetMon mobile for Android devices has just been delivered to the Google Play Store.

The app passed all sea trials and provides you with traffic displays from all around the globe. Use the ship and port search to look up ship positions, their particulars and schedules. Your My Fleet list is synchronized with the website so you can keep track of your favorite ships. And guess what: the app is free of charge!

Download now, enjoy mobile tracking with FleetMon and let us know how you like it!

20130306_blog_fmmobileAndroid app on Google Play

By the way, FleetMon mobile will run on almost all smartphone platforms.

More food for developers: extended vessel data API

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With the FleetMon API, software developers can connect their own applications easily to Fleetmon’s live ship position data, enabling them to build own solutions as well as integrate with existing IT systems and logistics solutions.

The API service is available out-of-the-box to any regular FleetMon user, giving access to a great ressource of real-time shipping data to any interested application developer.

Now, by popular demand, we introduced new API functions that will take this outstanding approach one big step further:

The new Generic Vessel API provides direct programmatic access to 100’000s of vessels from the FleetMon Vessel Database, including AIS positions, detailed ship types, port call history, destination and estimated time of arrival. Vessels can be looked up easily by their IMO and MMSI registration numbers, or by name.

Plus, the Weather and Sea State API delivers current weather and sea state data for any given coordinate (laitude/longitude). Emphasis is on data useful for marine applications; response data fields include wind speed and direction as well as wave height, period and direction.

The API delivers data both in XML or JSON format, whichever is preferred. An example is shown here:

AIS ship position and value-added data in JSON or XML

FleetMon Generic API example, delivering AIS ship position and value-added data in JSON or XML

Maybe today you want to query 10 vessels, maybe tomorrow 2000, maybe next week none at all. We know it is hard to estimate how much your application will need. At the same time, you need to be sure that your solution can scale with demand. That’s why we now introduce flexible pay-per-use billing with a Credit Point system:

This way developers pay just for what their applications actually consume. There’s no advance commitment when designing and experimenting with new applications, and there’s a smooth path from prototype to going live.

So start today with the new API and leverage FleetMon’s extensive vessel data for your present and future projects. Our API page has all the information you need to get started. Also, check our introductory post on the Personal API for some more basics.

Would you like to play around a little to get inspired? Just send us a message and we will give you some free Credit Points to waste!

Don’t hesitate to share your questions and comments with us. We will be glad to assist with any issues and are looking forward to your feedback.

Heavy seas on FleetMon Explorer

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FleetMon Explorer now gives you quick and detailed information on current weather and sea state conditions anywhere on the globe. We introduced new information layers on

  • wind speed and direction,
  • swell wave height and direction,
  • direction and speed of oceanic currents

which can all be displayed together with live real-time ship movements, on top of satellite maps or nautical charts.

Current wind situation on the Northern Atlantic

Current wind situation on the Northern Atlantic

MEDI VITORIA passing Azores with destination Philadelphia

MEDI VITORIA passing Azores with destination Philadelphia

Knowledge of sea state and currents help you in voyage planning, alternative routing and fuel saving. The new functions enable you to analyze a vessel’s behavior with consideration to the conditions it is in.

Enhance your situation awareness with the new maps. Be informed about areas with heavy seas. Keep an eye on hurricances, typhoons and cyclones, their impact and development, right together with your fleet’s positions, in one software tool.

Cyclone "Evan" is leaving Fiji Islands...

Cyclone “Evan” is leaving Fiji Islands…

...and leaves heavy seas southeastern of the island

…and leaves heavy seas southeastern of the island

Ocean currents in the Southern Pacific are heavily influenced by the cyclone, too.

Ocean currents in the Southern Pacific are heavily influenced by the cyclone, too.

MINERAL NEW YORK steaming against the Agulhas Current

MINERAL NEW YORK steaming against the Agulhas Current

The wind and sea state service is available for subscribers to the Pro and Unlimited plans (Pro: wind only). For further details, see our Plans & Prices page. Use the buttons “wind”, “wave” and “currents” within FleetMon Explorer to toggle the respective map layers.

With our sister product FleetMon Satellite Tracking, fleet managers can leverage the full potential of FleetMon’s extensive environmental information for their fleet: FleetMon Satellite Tracking offers weather and sea state both in review and forecast. Additionally, detailed environment data is available for review with any past voyage.

HONG FU waiting in winds off Portland

HONG FU waiting in winds off Portland

BIT REDO passing Dover strait with the stream

BIT REDO passing Dover strait with the stream

Agricultural Commodities data available for download

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FleetMon’s Agricultural Commodities Trading database service now allows direct data downloading.
With the export function, subscribers to the Agricultural Commodities service receive a file that can easily be opened in Microsoft Excel or other software for further analysis and processing. The file contains all information displayed on screen, including vessel related data.

Get deeper insight into the commodities markets: Be informed about scheduled bulk shipments, compare ETA with actual vessel voyage data, analyze vessel trading patterns. Read more in our introductory post on the Agricultural Commodities service.

Business Register: Advertise in more ports

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Good news for suppliers, agents and other providers of nautical-technical services: The FleetMon Business Register now supports advertising your company in multiple ports at once.

For those already registered: Conveniently manage your entries from the main Business Register page: Choose your entry from the table and click “Edit this entry” to add further ports.

FleetMon Pro and Unlimited subscribers can advertise their company in up to 5 ports. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need broader coverage.

More information on the company register can be found in our previous post.

On the heels of agricultural goods flow: The FleetMon Agricultural Commodities Trading Database

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Croatian bulk carrier SPLIT arrived in the Belgian port of Ghent a few days ago. What is its cargo, where did it come from?

FleetMon knows: It carried agricultural commodities. Our new Agricultural Commodities Trading Database holds records on bulk shipments of over 90 different commodities between over 100 countries. Both past and current shipments are listed, and it is easy as usual on to drill down the results and look for a specific ship, a certain commodity group, or shipments to a certain port or market.

So, what do we know about SPLIT’s cargo? Pull up the database, and here we are: It carried 27’500 tons of rapeseed from the Ukrainian port of Odessa to the Western European market. Awaited on 2012-10-25, it arrived well on time.

Did SPLIT engage in other transports of agricultural commodities over the last months? Which ports does it call to regularly? And what other goods are going to be shipped from Odessa to Belgium? What quantities of sunflower seeds are currently under way? All these question can be readily answered with the database.

The close integration with the FleetMon Vessel Database and AIS tracking opens undreamt-of possibilities in the analysis of commodity trades. Up-to-date position information allows to make informed decisions and react early on delays, ETA changes and incidents.

We are proud to offer our users this fantastic new perspective on the world’s commodity flows today. To access the database, just subscribe to our Agricultural Commodities service via the order page (not included in Pro or Unlimited plans) or request a free trial.

Use the Voyage Log to get a detailed track of the shipment

FleetMon launches Maritime Business Register

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The FleetMon Martime Business Register connects companies in the global maritime business, bringing together buyers and providers, ships and ports.

Whether you are looking for food supply, marine equipment or specialist engineers – easily find the company offering the products and services you need
in any port of the world. Save time with detailed service descriptions and full-style contact details.

You want to represent your own company here and advertise your products and services to the global maritime community of FleetMon users? You’re welcome, it’s free! Your company will be listed in the main maritime business register and on the port of your choice in the section “Companies in port”.