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Who killed the voting star…?

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…Youtube did it and we’ve done it also.

Using the rainy day here in Rostock for some programming I decided to get rid of the two years of voting on our great images. People and their beloved photos are a very emotional and personell subject.
I always disliked the idea of taking images and getting in some kind of contest, due to the rating system. So why not simplify our lives and transform it into a way of still having the chance to express my “Favs” and leave all other images alone.

Almost 30.000 votes got converted to a more simplier system of: “like it, or leave it”. The vessels image thumbnail now has only one star left to honor the photographer. Show, that you are a fan of the photo. Thanks to the help of our friend Marcus and a little bit of AJAX you can also decide later on about your decision :-)
It will take another day of hacking to count the results and display them inside the stats icon, so hang on.

Let us know, if you like the new way here:

UPDATE: we replaced the STAR with a THUMBS UP icon (Stevos suggestion)

Vessel database now with more then 100.000 entries

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When started three years ago, we had a couple hundred ships listed, mainly tracked in the Southern Baltic. Our effort to build a good designed vessel list, which could constantly grow, has been a success.
With the great help of our members here at Digital-Seas, we’ve created one of the best free resources on the web, today crossing the mark of 100.000 vessels listed. Thanks for that! Read more…

new feature: watermarking your images

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we added a new way to secure your images against being published on the web by third parties, without beeing asked first. After some discussion in our forum and members asking for a solution, we came up with an automatic watermarking of images.

Since we do not accept uploaded images with interference of the vessels image, there is now an automatic way to secure your images with a switch, if you want to do so.

how to add a watermark to your image

how to add a watermark to your image

This will give people a chance to secure their images (possibly only part-time, when the newspapers are done with the next pirated vessel :-)
Everybody, who does not like a watermark on own images, check your profile page and unmark the option. We still prefer vessel images without extra watermarks in high resolution on this site. Willing to respect every copyright and listening to you, this is another step towards handling the copyright issues…

Effects, when text is given in your profile and switch is ON:
– no watermarks on small thumbnails in lists and preview thumb inside Fleetmon
– watermark is automatically rendered on vessel images in lightbox and preview mode
– your own preview of the uploaded image in full size will not be affected by the watermark, so you can happily continue using DS as your full size image store

Update: Friday, 2010-04-09

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– more then 35.000 users are registered
– more then 11.000 vessels in permanent AIS coverage
– more then 99.000 vessels in database
– more then 1.000 Fleetmon :mobile users

new AIS receptions:
[+] added new AIS antenna: Denmark: Fredericia
[+] added new AIS antenna: Sweden: Vänersborg
[+] added new AIS antennas: Belgium: Antwerp, Brussel, Zeebrugge
[+] added new AIS antenna: Netherland: Terschelling, Leeuwarden
[+] added new AIS antennas: Brazil: Sao Vicente, Salvador, Sao Lois
[+] added new AIS antenna: China: Tianjin Xin Gang
[+] added new AIS antenna: Indonesia: Kota Surabaya
[+] added new AIS antennas: Singapur: Johor, Kota Kinabalu Kuching Melaka Miri Port Dickson Port Kelang Tanjung Pelepas Singapore Jurong Island Keppel – (East Singapore) Pulau Bukum Pulau Sebarok Serangoon Harbor

Site changes:
[+] new image watermarking option in user profiles
[+] added vessel history to vessel-detail page
[*] added ETA in port arrival lists

[*] improved algorithm to determine vessel location (verbal)
[+] added inland rivers/ports in Europe for location detection
[*] much extended Fleetmon :mobile Version 1.2 released
[+] new Fleetmon :mobile page
[*] still working on vessel detail edit extension

We are always looking for new AIS coverage. If you could share a signal or establish a new antenna in your port of interest, let us know via: Contact

Fleetmon mobile v1.2 is online in Appstore

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Version 1.2 is online in the store today, Port Section and many new functions added. Check it out!

Changes from v1.1 to 1.2:

[*] new exclusive “pinch to fetch” feature (get updates on map move)
[+] improved spotter mode (store last position, new callout buttons with flag and type icon, better performance)
[*] faster listings for all vessels in area
[*] rewrote the listing tab, faster, better info overview
[+] new detail view of vessel, with ship images and last position map
[*] much improved vessel-search, starts now with your last search

[+] new port listing, lists all vessels in a port, select regions, countrys and ports
[+] configuration settings now inside the app

[*] new shiny app icon :-)

for our AIS coverage please research at

Update: Friday, 2009-11-20

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numbers: around 100 new users registering every day, 264 people did upload more then 800 images over the last 30 days, more then 900 users made use of the personel vessel-list, our keen moderators sorted out around 40 images due to quality and copyright reasons in this period, communication needs (mail, phone) around the site are rising…

new AIS receptions:
[+] added new AIS antenna: Germany, Bremen
[+] added new AIS antenna: Germany, Mannheim (Rhine, inland AIS)
[+] added new AIS antenna: Austria, Vienna (Danube, inland AIS)
[+] added new AIS share: USA, Savannah
[+] added new AIS antenna: Spain, Vigo
[+] added new AIS antenna: Portugal, Tavira
[+] added new AIS share: SouthAfrica, Richards Bay
[+] added new AIS share: Singapur, SingapurCity

[+] set up a GIS database of world wide ports and areas
[*] rewrote the Port Listing area to reflect the new Port-Areas in GIS – DB
[*] extended our zone alerting for more then 300 new areas (beta)
[*] made all internal AIS statistics available for sharers
[+] added new page: My AIS Station (users sharing with DS, have access to various parameters of their antennas)
[+] added new page: Chat (for users, looking for a fast way of communication)
[*] reworking the search engine for overall search
[*] created a desktop uploader (ImageManager) for power users (closed beta)

[?] did you try out the site-wide search lately ?

We are always looking for new AIS coverage. If you could share a signal or establish a new antenna in your port of interest, let us know: Contact

access to new AIS sources with new pages

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we have done a bit of sorting in our new AIS sources from Africa, Asia and Europe and created new pages for the real time view with Fleetmon:
new regions are now online:





Australia + New Zealand: