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More food for developers: extended vessel data API

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With the FleetMon API, software developers can connect their own applications easily to Fleetmon’s live ship position data, enabling them to build own solutions as well as integrate with existing IT systems and logistics solutions.

The API service is available out-of-the-box to any regular FleetMon user, giving access to a great ressource of real-time shipping data to any interested application developer.

Now, by popular demand, we introduced new API functions that will take this outstanding approach one big step further:

The new Generic Vessel API provides direct programmatic access to 100’000s of vessels from the FleetMon Vessel Database, including AIS positions, detailed ship types, port call history, destination and estimated time of arrival. Vessels can be looked up easily by their IMO and MMSI registration numbers, or by name.

Plus, the Weather and Sea State API delivers current weather and sea state data for any given coordinate (laitude/longitude). Emphasis is on data useful for marine applications; response data fields include wind speed and direction as well as wave height, period and direction.

The API delivers data both in XML or JSON format, whichever is preferred. An example is shown here:

AIS ship position and value-added data in JSON or XML

FleetMon Generic API example, delivering AIS ship position and value-added data in JSON or XML

Maybe today you want to query 10 vessels, maybe tomorrow 2000, maybe next week none at all. We know it is hard to estimate how much your application will need. At the same time, you need to be sure that your solution can scale with demand. That’s why we now introduce flexible pay-per-use billing with a Credit Point system:

This way developers pay just for what their applications actually consume. There’s no advance commitment when designing and experimenting with new applications, and there’s a smooth path from prototype to going live.

So start today with the new API and leverage FleetMon’s extensive vessel data for your present and future projects. Our API page has all the information you need to get started. Also, check our introductory post on the Personal API for some more basics.

Would you like to play around a little to get inspired? Just send us a message and we will give you some free Credit Points to waste!

Don’t hesitate to share your questions and comments with us. We will be glad to assist with any issues and are looking forward to your feedback.

Your daily dose of FleetMon: The “My Fleet” report

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Are you visiting often to look up your ships’ whereabouts? That’s great, you are welcome! But now FleetMon will also come over to you: Just switch on the new “Daily My Fleet Report”, and you will get a fresh status update in your e-mail inbox every day. Read it on your mobile in the morning and be up-to-date when you arrive at work, or print it out to have a concise overview for meetings.


The report e-mail not only shows the current location of your ships, but also highlights all important events that happened in the last 24 hours, like port calls, vessels leaving port, or changes in destination and estimated time of arrival.

To receive a daily e-mail with status and events of your fleet, just head over to your “My Fleet” page and enable this function. You can set the time of day when the report should be sent.

Daily "My Fleet" Report on your mobile

Daily “My Fleet” Report – read it on your mobile!

A Happy New Year 2013

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The whole team here at FleetMon wishes you a Happy New Year 2013! Thanks so much for using FleetMon and for supporting us with your valuable feedback over the last year. We’re looking forward with you to on exciting FleetMon year!



Helping Santa and the Kids is just a great thing to do.


We’re especially happy to announce our most recent reference customer: Santa Claus. Santa uses our recent Satellite Tracking while delivering presents around the world ;-)

We wish you a great time with friends and family and a Happy New Year!

Heavy seas on FleetMon Explorer

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FleetMon Explorer now gives you quick and detailed information on current weather and sea state conditions anywhere on the globe. We introduced new information layers on

  • wind speed and direction,
  • swell wave height and direction,
  • direction and speed of oceanic currents

which can all be displayed together with live real-time ship movements, on top of satellite maps or nautical charts.

Current wind situation on the Northern Atlantic

Current wind situation on the Northern Atlantic

MEDI VITORIA passing Azores with destination Philadelphia

MEDI VITORIA passing Azores with destination Philadelphia

Knowledge of sea state and currents help you in voyage planning, alternative routing and fuel saving. The new functions enable you to analyze a vessel’s behavior with consideration to the conditions it is in.

Enhance your situation awareness with the new maps. Be informed about areas with heavy seas. Keep an eye on hurricances, typhoons and cyclones, their impact and development, right together with your fleet’s positions, in one software tool.

Cyclone "Evan" is leaving Fiji Islands...

Cyclone “Evan” is leaving Fiji Islands…

...and leaves heavy seas southeastern of the island

…and leaves heavy seas southeastern of the island

Ocean currents in the Southern Pacific are heavily influenced by the cyclone, too.

Ocean currents in the Southern Pacific are heavily influenced by the cyclone, too.

MINERAL NEW YORK steaming against the Agulhas Current

MINERAL NEW YORK steaming against the Agulhas Current

The wind and sea state service is available for subscribers to the Pro and Unlimited plans (Pro: wind only). For further details, see our Plans & Prices page. Use the buttons “wind”, “wave” and “currents” within FleetMon Explorer to toggle the respective map layers.

With our sister product FleetMon Satellite Tracking, fleet managers can leverage the full potential of FleetMon’s extensive environmental information for their fleet: FleetMon Satellite Tracking offers weather and sea state both in review and forecast. Additionally, detailed environment data is available for review with any past voyage.

HONG FU waiting in winds off Portland

HONG FU waiting in winds off Portland

BIT REDO passing Dover strait with the stream

BIT REDO passing Dover strait with the stream

Note on My Fleet

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In an effort to make the My Fleet list synchronisation a smooth experience, we have combined the different lists of website, the FleetMon Explorer and the FleetMon mobile iPhone AIS app into one for you.

Our power users may note additional vessels in their list. These vessels have been copied automatically during the merging process from the other lists in order to make sure that none of your valuable settings is lost. In case you see additional vessels on your list, you may safely remove the ones that you do not need any more.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need help!

Agricultural Commodities data available for download

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FleetMon’s Agricultural Commodities Trading database service now allows direct data downloading.
With the export function, subscribers to the Agricultural Commodities service receive a file that can easily be opened in Microsoft Excel or other software for further analysis and processing. The file contains all information displayed on screen, including vessel related data.

Get deeper insight into the commodities markets: Be informed about scheduled bulk shipments, compare ETA with actual vessel voyage data, analyze vessel trading patterns. Read more in our introductory post on the Agricultural Commodities service.

Business Register: Advertise in more ports

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Good news for suppliers, agents and other providers of nautical-technical services: The FleetMon Business Register now supports advertising your company in multiple ports at once.

For those already registered: Conveniently manage your entries from the main Business Register page: Choose your entry from the table and click “Edit this entry” to add further ports.

FleetMon Pro and Unlimited subscribers can advertise their company in up to 5 ports. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need broader coverage.

More information on the company register can be found in our previous post.

Scheduled Maintenance: Today 7 pm CET

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Dear FleetMon users, your favorite vessel tracking and ship spotting community will be even faster and smoother after this night!

During the system update will be offline for a short while, but the team has prepared everything in minute detail, thus we’ll be back soon!