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FleetMon Mobile: v1.6 released in App store

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We will continue to deliver the best vessel tracking App available for the iPhone and iPad.
What’s New in this Version * NOTE: FleetMon Mobile needs free account on website (formerly, please check your username/Password on “Xtra” tab *

We’ve launched a complete new companion website:, the first open Ship Wiki on the web, delivering access to more then 250.000 vessel datasets. FleetMon Mobile is now giving you direct mobile access to this huge database.

Continuous development without fast version number hops,
please rate this App in the Store.

✔ Interface: New: icons for vessels not in motion (streamlined with FleetMon Explorer Desktop)
✔ Added coverage layer for zoomed out views
✔ new: Vessel labels for zoomed in “port views”
✔ new: “port” and “sea” buttons on map for faster zooming (patents pending :-)

✔ complete rewrite of mapping module, adding speed and new layers
✔ much faster vessel photos due to new image servers
✔ faster and smooth reloading while moving the map, also new data cloud servers installed
✔ New: “News” display for server status and Blog news
✔ adjusting authentication schema for the new relaunched platform

___________________older logs of this version path
✔ Added compatibility to the upcoming version of iOS.
✔ Fixed some issues related to indexed tables.
✔ Added changeable radius in Spotter (Xtra -> turn iPhone to landscape mode).

✔ Improved network code to handle server-side glitches, even more elegant.
✔ Adds a fix to nail down a pretty rare bug handling thumbs. Thanks to all the contributors involved, you know who you are! :-)
Please rate, if You like FleetMon.

✔ Enhanced stability for iOS version prior to 4.3.3. 

✔ Fixed a minor issue that could lead to an empty map.
✔ Reduced memory footprint (run more apps faster at the same time)

✔ new: Coverage layer added to FleetMon’s spotter map.
✔ new: Improved vessel search.
✔ Fixed some minor glitches and issues

✔ new: flicker free update of vessel positions on map
✔ new: swipe gesture to delete vessels from “My Fleet”
✔ new: status feedback in message bar
✔ Fixed bugs to improve stability

- for users having difficulties to input their login data, we adjusted the interface (my Fleet)
- fixing a memory leak
- new map switch


Ooh Boy, this update marked the biggest effort since the release of Fleetmon :mobile in Fall 2009.
✔ new: “My Fleet” Function, manage the same Fleet list on your device and on website
✔ new: Gallery of Ship Images , only accept the best in quality in full resolution for the iPhone (retina) and iPad
✔ new: Feedback function: send reports and comments from inside the app
✔ new: supoport for portrait and landscape mode on all devices
✔ new: map display with literal of sea area and nearest port for better orientation
✔ new: reDesign of vessel detail tab for faster overview and readability
✔ new: listing of last ports now also available on detail page (just swipe down…)

✔ testet with iOS 4.3 on iPhone and iPad,
✔ local image cache for reducing the data volume of transmission
✔ new server for optimizing image resolution of various end-devices
✔ implementing functional authentification against
(70% of our net-traffic was created by scraping third party apps)
✔ adoption to multitasking and memory available, saving all task states
✔ new APIs for all services, new servers (of course… :-)


Maintenance Team starts night shift

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Here is an image from our planning session this night, right befire we start the works to switch over the Fleetmon service to a new environment. The team is “still” optimistic, we do have 2 degrees with lots of rain here in Rostock. Best circumstances to start a night shift. Fridge is filled, plans are made…. lets go.


Scheduled (end of year) maintenance 2011-12-14, 22:00-00:00 UTC

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Dear friends of Digital Seas, on Wednsday night we will take care for our databases and switch to new cloud based services. This will bring a downtime for our main site, which we estimate with around two hours until midnight.
For about this time , access to FleetMon Explorer and the website as well as photo uploads will not be possible.

Thanks for your patience, stay tuned and be surprised with the results!

New: The FM Photobox App – fascinating ship photography

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It’s simply fantastic to see the great pictures added on every day, shared by people with the same passion on ships and photography (A huge “thumbs up” to all of you!), and just about every day there’s a real pearl among the new uploads.

Now, we felt we must give this fantastic photo stuff the attention that it deserves, because even the most fascinating photos sometimes just remain hidden somewhere in the huge Fleetmon database.
That’s why we make a fresh start and now have the pleasure to announce something completely new: The Digital Seas Photobox! It’s a mobile phone “App” for iPhones and Android phones, presenting the newest and the best images on Digital Seas, galleries of cruise ships, night shots, majestic tall ships, impressive offshore vessels, powerful tugs in action, highest rated pictures…

Photobox on the iPhone

Photobox on the iPhone

Lean back and browse through the galleries – on your sofa, while waiting at the bus stop or on the next ship to arrive. You can save your favorite images in “My Photobox” and carry them with you for offline viewing.

See what it looks like on the new Photobox page, download from Android Market and AppStore and give it a try. The Photobox has new stuff for you every day!

We hope you like the new Photobox App and are looking forward to your comments and ideas! Enjoy!

Welcome to new AIS ports and areas! 2011-09

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Welcome to new ports and areas on Digital Seas, Fleetmon and Fleetmon mobile! This is the summer 2011 roundup:

  • Mexico, Manzanillo
  • Italy, Naples and Sicily
  • Antilles, Curacao Wilhelmstad
  • Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Persian Gulf with better coverage
  • more Chinese ports, Hong Kong
  • Ukraine, Izmail, Danube River Delta
  • Germany, Berlin
  • Germany, Elbe-Havel channel
  • Germany, Rhine

Digital Seas HanseSail Special

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Digital Seas home town Rostock is crowded again: the Hanse Sail takes place for the 21th time and hosts once again the world’s largest and oldest Windjammers. It’s one of the largest maritime festivals in the world and attracts more than 200 sailing ships of all types and sizes from a variety of countries.

Those of you who were lucky enough to get a place on one of the tall ships and those of you who can’t attend this year: Don’t miss our HanseSail Special 2011 where you can look up and follow your favorite ships on Fleetmon Web! Download the brand new Digital Seas Photobox for Android and browse through fascinating sail ship photos from the Digital Seas community members!

HanseSail 2011 on the horizon, Fleetmon tracking for GREIF

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“Greif” is a majestic brigantine owned by the city of Greifswald in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. The ship is used as a training ship for maritime youth education.

Today it’s her 60th anniversary. All the best from our side!

The Greif was built in the Digital Seas hometown Rostock in 1952, so it’s a special honor for us to have this quite famous tall ship equipped by us with Fleetmon Satellite Tracking. During her voyages, the Greif’s office used to get lots of calls from friends and relatives of crew and guests asking for her position and schedule.

Thanks to Fleetmon Satellite Tracking, the Greif can now be followed on all her voyages, independent of AIS transmissions, even on high seas. Digital Seas provides hardware and platform to transparently merge AIS and satellite signals of the vessel into a constant and always up-to-date tracking experience.

The new Fleetmon Web map on the Greif homepage nicely shows the current position and last day track, so that friends and admirers can easily follow ship and company on all voyages.

Have a smartphone? Download the Fleetmon Sat mobile app for free and track the Greif on your mobile!

We’re looking forward to see her on the HanseSail 2011!

Read more about the “Greif”:

China’s coast almost completely covered, visit Hong Kong within Fleetmon now

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We are proudly bring a good part more of Chinas coast into our AIS coverage. Enjoy very busy ports and experience real time views with the help of Fleetmon – our Web- and Desktop Monitor for Vesseltraffic.


Visit the ports of Hong Kong within real time Fleet-Monitoring

Do you have your own AIS hardware?
Would you also like to connect to Digital-Seas AIS network
and experience real time monitoring at the web? If so learn how easy the setup is or please contact us us to discuss how to connect your station to our network.