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FleetMon mobile makes your wishes come true!

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Within the last weeks we received a lot of feedback about FleetMon mobile. We listened carefully to your wishes and here is what we’ve made of them:

You inspired us to enhance the visualization of vessels on the map. The actual size and heading direction of ships is visible for you now, even when ships are moored or anchored. Check what’s going on in the port of your interest and enjoy this new dimension of detail.


Wow! See how a total of 3 tugs is helping the Maersk Missouri to transit a lock in Bremerhaven!

And we made things easier to use for you: Forget about the refresh button from now on. The vessel positions in the Spotting Map are updated automatically and you can actually see the ships moving on the map in real-time.

FleetMon mobile - true vessel dimensions on navigation charts

Easier than ever: Vessels move live on the map and you can change the map layers without leaving the spotter mode, using the new cogwheel icon in the toolbar on the right!

FleetMon mobile now makes you independent from standard AIS reception ranges. Users with an Unlimited Sat 15 or 50 account can follow their individual fleet to the seven seas and look up fresh satellite position updates for any ship worldwide.

FleetMon mobile - Satellite AIS data for Unlimited Sat users

Your ship is crossing the Indian Ocean? Add it to your My Fleet list and keep sight of it even when it sails on the high sea!

Last but not least, the main menu of FleetMon Mobile now includes FleetMon’s Maritime News. Get informed about what’s going on in the maritime world wherever you are!

Maritime News on the go in FleetMon mobile

With FleetMon mobile you’re up to date even on the go: Monitor vessel operations in port, check your fleet’s position, and browse through maritime news.

Go ahead, download FleetMon Mobile from your app store and see for yourself! And in case one of your wishes remains unfulfilled leave a comment below or contact our support team.


Keep track of your ships and save time!

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No matter if you are a vessel owner, freight forwarder, agent, marine analyst or ship photographer – to do your job at best, you always need to get the most up-to-date information that’s available.

The FleetMon Explorer just got enhanced by full satellite AIS tracking capabilities, and if you did not use it regularly yet, we are confident this new functionality will soon make it your tool of choice:


FleetMon Explorer’s main view represents all vessels globally within live coverage, thus providing you with several position updates per ship and minute. Enjoy monitoring ship traffic in real time and raise nautical supervision and operations monitoring to a new  standard. By configuring different viewports, you can keep an eye on multiple areas of interest and situations in no time. And official electronic navigation charts with global coverage can be made available to you within minutes.


Track your fleet and other vessels of interest with FleetMon Explorer’s My Fleet list. Latest vessel positions will be displayed in a single view to allow quick assessment of status and progress. The presentation mode automatically highlights your ships and their tracks one-by-one, for supervision or presentation of your fleet on large screens. With our “Unlimited Sat” plans, users can track unlimited ships and enjoy seamless integration of satellite tracking data.


Find any vessel of your interest in the FleetMon Explorer Search View. See up-to-date information on the vessel’s destination and estimated time of arrival at a glance. Set a reference point and let FleetMon Explorer calculate distances and time till the closest point of approach. For users of FleetMon’s Unlimited Sat services the real-time tracking data is seamlessly combined with position reports captured by satellites. Assess trading routes, latest voyages and vessel behavior with a single click.

Best Christmas wishes and a gift from FleetMon!

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The FleetMon Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous and happy New Year! Thank you so much for using FleetMon and the wonderful feedback and support provided over the year!

And isn’t Christmas the perfect time to give yourself some small treats? Well, this year, FleetMon keeps a special offer for you:

Save 15% if you upgrade your account to Pro or Unlimited!

Simply head over to the FleetMon Store, choose the package that you would like to give yourself and enter the following coupon code: XMAS15


Hurry! This offer is valid till Dezember 31st. To make use of the discount, choose “Upgrade” on our Prices & Plans page, follow the regular payment instructions and enter the above code during the last step.

All the best to you and your family,
Your FleetMon Team

South Africa, it’s time for presents from FleetMon!

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Dear Cape Townians and inhabitants of South Africa!

If you haven’t put up your Christmas tree yet, we can offer you something more exciting than a green decorated conifer! What about mounting an AIS station absolutely for free and enjoying the live marine traffic of your area in the FleetMon Explorer without any limitations?

Currently FleetMon is looking for someone who is ready to become its AIS partner in South Africa by adopting an AIS station from the previous host. The AIS station is laying directly in Cape Town and is waiting to be taken into operation. The fully functional AIS equipment, consisting of a 1 meter antenna, an AIS receiver and converter device simply needs to be connected to power supply and internet. Impressive AIS reception range for South Africa can be provided, if the antenna is put at an elevated location with free sight to the water.

In addition to the free AIS equipment the new host of course will be awarded with a free FleetMon Unlimited account.

If you feel addressed or know someone living in Cape Town or on the coast of the Western Cape who could adopt the AIS station, please get in touch with us and we will arrange for the rest!

AIS coverage around Cape Town and South Africa

Get to know the new Photo Uploader at FleetMon!

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Many accomplished photographers already share their favorite vessel shots with the FleetMon community. Come join them now, present your own photos and benefit from a free Unlimited account!

Loading up your own vessel photos is as easy as anything with the recently launched FleetMon Photo Upload and Management tool. Whole collections of your pictures can be uploaded at once in a matter of seconds. Simply drag and drop them into the Photo Upload section:

FleetMon Photo Upload

Now use the Photo Manager section to assign your photos to the corresponding ships. You can review all your pictures here and filter them by the date of upload, number of  likes and comments, visibility and many more. The number of photos uploaded for a specific ship and how many out of these are provided by yourself can now be assessed at a glance. And of course you can revise the settings for your photos anytime by clicking the edit icon in the rightmost column:

FleetMon Photo Manager

The new Photo Feedback section gives you immediate insight which of your photos catch special attention. Review the comments and votes of other users and find out who is your fan. The easy-to-use date-range module and different statistics will help you to stay on top of things.

FleetMon Photo Feedback

Now get your camera or review your photo archive  and share your masterpieces with the FleetMon community. And keep in mind: you will be awarded with a free FleetMon Unlimited account as soon as having published 300 vessel images!

FleetMon Tells A Story – Take part and get Your free Unlimited account!

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Today, the FleetMon Support Team was asked to investigate the build date of the vessel MARITIME CENTURY. The information was easy enough to find, so we spent a few additional minutes and checked a bit further. Here is what we discovered on the fly:

The MARITIME CENTURY, a Panamanian-flagged bulk carrier, currently crosses the North Atlantic Ocean and is due to arrive at Amsterdam Port the 25th of November at 5 pm UTC. A quick glance into the vessel’s voyage log as captured via satellites revealed that the vessel’s last port of call was Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where it arrived after sailing the open sea for 2 weeks. The scheduled time of arrival was fully met and after a few hours in port the MARITIME CENTURY proceeded further north.

Maritime Century's track on the Atlantic Ocean


The online port call history of the ship, just one click away from the detailed vessel track and dating back till October 2011, gave us immediate insight into the intercontinental voyages of the ship. It mainly operated between Australian and East-Asian ports over the last 2 years. On its current voyage it now interlinks the port of Paranagua in Brazil, where it departured the 31st of October, with Europe.
Read more…

Boundless tracking with FleetMon Satellite AIS

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Would you like to monitor the whereabouts of your cargo, keep track of the ships of your competitors, or analyze recent trading patterns? Whether for fleet monitoring, logistics, brokering or research:  FleetMon’s new space-born services  erase the boundaries of shore-based AIS antenna networks, bringing the global vessel traffic within your reach.

Movements of 80’000 vessels all around the globe – the world’s active merchant fleet – are recorded every single day, stored, analyzed and presented to you. All FleetMon research tools are fully satellite-enabled and benefit from the superior data quality: Check vessel positions, review tracks, look up historic records and schedules, or analyze global trading patterns. Voyage log, port call history and schedule provide now a complete and consistent picture of a vessel’s current voyage, past activities and next destination.


With FleetMon’s seamless combination of terrestrial and satellite AIS data you will benefit from the advantages of both worlds – Live monitoring at high resolution while ships are within near-shore conditions and frequent position updates while sailing the open sea.

All ships are displayed with live positions as long as they are within antenna range. Satellite AIS for ships on high seas or in remote areas is delayed by 6 or 12 hours, depending on the account status chosen by you. Additionally, you may add vessels to your “My Fleet Hotlist” to see satellite data for these vessels without delay.

Are you ready to get started? Head over to the FleetMon’s Satellite AIS plans and request your trial of the FleetMon Unlimited Sat service today!


Discover the Northwest Passage with FleetMon’s Unlimited Sat Accounts

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The Northwest Passage, is a channel of waterways through the Arctic Ocean along the northern coast of North America, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Being a shortcut from Europe to Asia it is a prized gem in the shipping industry – in many cases, it can slash off thousands of miles of ship journeys, saving fuel, money, and precious time.

The Nordic Orion, an ice-class 1A ship, has become the first bulk carrier ever to undertake the successful voyage through a dangerous Arctic sea lane. Since 1969 there were any attempts to perform a similar challenge and to transit the most hazardous channel in the world.

FleetMon has followed the historically significant voyage and gives you now an unique possibility to assess the trip of Nordic Orion yourself. Thanks to FleetMon’s new global satellite AIS tracking technology you are able to watch the track of ice-strengthened Nordic Orion in the Arctic and to follow the vessel till its final port of destination in Finland!



Loaded with 73,500 tons of metallurgical coal, the 225-meter freight ship Nordic Orion started its voyage from Vancouver, Canada on September 6. The sailing through the Northwest Passage has enabled the bulk carrier to save four days of time in comparison to the traditional route through the Panama Canal. Furthermore the ship was able to carry about 25 per cent more coal because of the draft.





The well-performed voyage through the Northwest Passage may inspire further commercial shipping trips in the Arctic. With its superior satellite AIS service FleetMon enables you now to watch any ship that will take up a similar challenge in the future!

New: OPIS Tanker Tracker on FleetMon

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Introducing the OPIS Tanker Tracker, the most comprehensive jet cargo shipping list in the business – now visually trackable from producer to port on!

Europe is so dependent on jet fuel imports that a single large cargo can cause pricing effects across the continent and even further afield. That’s why FleetMon and the team behind the OPIS Jet Fuel and Gasoil Report are making the most targeted and detailed jet fuel shipping list in the business available for the first time on Fleetmon’s AIS vessel tracking platform.

The OPIS Tanker Tracker brings you the expert knowledge and market insight of OPIS (Oil Price Information Service) together with real-time ship tracking in an outstanding service that is unique in the field. Directly here on the website, the OPIS Tanker Tracker enables you to pinpoint shipping information such as the:

  • Product and volume being transported
  • Party who is buying or selling the barrels
  • Loading and discharge dates
  • Name of the vessel plus vessel’s particulars from FleetMon’s datasheet
  • Current position of the ship, possible delays and estimated time of arrivals (ETA)

in a database constantly maintained and updated daily through OPIS’s expert editors team.

Apart from watching the progress of the jet-carrying fleet, its reporting functions mean you’ll be aware when import volumes surpass levels for the same month a year ago. And quick options let you identify deliveries due in the next seven or 30 days, or into specific regions. Plus, through frequent email updates, you can be the first to know if a cargo is diverted to another port during its virtual journey – must-have information to keep current on where your product is!

Watch our video:

Designed by similar principle as the FleetMon Agricultural Commodities Trading Database, the Tanker Tracker introduces a live vessel tracking map, a database table with advanced filters and quick search option, accompanied by a smart reporting module and convenient download option.

OPIS Tanker Tracker - jet fuel cargoes visualized at

Reporting module_Sums by month

Reporting module_Sums by route

How can you benefit from all Tanker Tracker’s features?

  • You will have access to comprehensive data of specifically jet-carrying, Europe bound tanker transports.
  • The Tanker Tracker editors will keep you up-to-date each time a new vessel is added to the database or cargo details are changed.
  • You can closely follow the progress of the jet-carrying fleet, monitoring the vessels under way till the moment of the delivery, staying informed about delays and route changes.
  • The well-structured database can be filtered by route, departure, destination and state of voyage.
  • Insightful analysis allow you for example to compare the current jet fuel cargo imports with imports in the past.

Explore the OPIS Tanker Tracker now by signing up for a free trial subscription and within a few hours you can start working with valuable jet cargo shipping data.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions or suggestions.

Satellite AIS Tracking for everyone! Just a single click away.

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Are you looking for a vessel’s position but it has not been refreshed for a few days as it is moving out of coastal AIS reception range? Now, you can just activate the satellite and find the ship, wherever it sails, immediately!

We are proud to introduce satellite AIS for everybody on FleetMon: All our users are now just a click away from satellite AIS position reports for their ships of interest. FleetMon’s combination of standard AIS and space-borne tracking data always offers the freshest vessel information available, even on high seas and in remote areas. And what’s best: There is no need to commit to a long-term contract – just activate the satellite polling when and where you need it!

Now, how does it work?

If the position updates of your favorite ship are overdue, have a look into the vessel’s detail page and check the information box next to the location map. Whenever a satellite position update is available, a green button will indicate that:

LESOTHO satellite position available

Click the button and a new window will calculate the number of credit points that are necessary to obtain the satellite position report.

Now it’s just one more click and your ship’s position will be updated:

LESOTHO Sat Update information box

When it’s your first time using the satellite position polling, we will initially ask you for your contact details (address and phone number). Just click the “request” button and fill in the short form that appears on your screen. Once your data has been verified, we will send you an e-mail confirmation.

That’s it!

LESOTHO accreditation and credit point purchase

In case your credits do not suffice to get a satellite position update, the information box will provide you with a direct link to our online shop. Detailed information about the FleetMon Credit Points is available here.