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Agricultural Commodities Database Enhanced

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FleetMon’s Agricultural Commodities Trading Database is your personal knowledge store for waterborne goods traffic all around the globe. Each record of the trading database provides you with details about the agricultural commodities carried by a certain vessel, their origin and the loaded quantity. In addition to browsing the current operations in over 100 countries you are able to analyze historic shipments and to preview planned agricultural cargoes.

Just dive into the Commodities Trading Database and:

  • find out how many tons of barley have been transported to Saudi Arabia over the last 90 days
  • check where the ship of your interest has been loaded with sunflower seed oil and find vessel’s last updated report
  • inform yourself about the planned shipments of sugar from Brazil
  • analyze the exports from Europe and imports to Africa

Powerful filters allow you to find exactly what you need with just a few clicks and a convenient download option provides you with Excel-data for your further analyses.

Agricultural Commodities Database

With the latest database update it is now even more convenient to perform your commodities trading analysis:

Use improved filter options to sort the database by commodity group, departure country, destination and state of the voyage. A comprehensive map now allows a new visual perspective on the shipments of agricultural commodities from global overview to the single ship. A new vivid analytics module presents market shares in accordance to your filter settings and allows  the evaluation of trends at one glance. Coverage for palm oil and palm oil by-products has been vastly increased.

Gain reliable insight into the world of agricultural goods traffic with requesting your free trial of the FleetMon Trading Database now!

Agricultural Commodities Analytics Module




Download Vessel and Voyage Data Reports from FleetMon now!

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We have been frequently asked if you can export vessel data from the FleetMon database – and since lately – we can happily answer with “Yes, you can!”.

Download FleetMon Database reports to:

  • Retrieve vessel lists including detailed ship type, dimensions, position, deadweight and gross tonnage to complete and update your own databases and applications
  • Analyze the occupancy rate of ports with individual reports generated from the port’s vessel arrival and departure history
  • Download the port call histories of the ships of your interest for own traffic visualizations
  • Or simply use the FleetMon Database Reports to store vital information at your end.

Reports can be generated and downloaded in Excel or CSV files from the following tables:

  • FleetMon Vessel Database, containing over 391.000 ships
  • Vessels in Port, listing the vessels currently moored in a specific port
  • Port Call History, containing historic ship arrival and departure information for a specific port
  • Port Call Log, reflecting the ports visited by a vessel in the past (coming soon)

The download of FleetMon Database Reports is fully independent from your account status as it is a pay-per-use service. Just get yourself some FleetMon Credit Points and start compiling your individual reports. Data that is scrambled online due to your account settings will of course be fully readable in the  downloaded file!

Feel free to post us your feedback, questions or suggestions, and read on to learn how to download your FleetMon Database Report:

Visit one of the database tables from that you want to generate a report. Use the different filters available on top of the table to compile a list that meets with your requirements. Now choose the preferred file format by clicking the corresponding button below the table. The Report Generator fully respects your filter settings and calculates the necessary number of credit points for you. Use the link to the Credit Point Info and Purchase should your credit point balance do not suffice to generate the desired report.

Database Report Generator

That’s it!

By the way, generated Reports are archived in your personal Account Settings for a period of 7 days and can be downloaded again from there:

FleetMon Billing Center




Tag your vessel – manage your fleet

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FleetMon team is always striving to make its website as convenient as possible  for  its users. My Fleet in your FleetMon account enables you to overview the movement and actual position of  the vessels from your list. And now this menu has got a new feature: with the help of “tagging” you are able to manage your fleet list.

Be sure, this function would be very practical by searching the ships in your fleet register and very easy to use. By adding the vessel into your fleet register enter the tag to relate the chosen vessel to the certain group. You are able to enter different topics of the tags. For example, order the ships in your fleet list by client, by status, by character, by type, by department and arrival or organize them  by ships awaited this week, awaited next week, or ships on voyage. You can classify the vessels by yourself and then have a quick access to them. This function will be very useful in case of long vessel list. Look how it works:
















Having tagged your ships you will not lose yourself by the searching of ships of your interest. The vessel tags will be displayed directly above your vessel list in the My Fleet window. When clicking on the certain tag it will become green and the filtered ships will be shown in the list:











Moreover you are always able to add or to remove the tags. This function is available in the My Fleet window on the right side. Click either on the black icon or on the grey one and add the new tag or delete or even write your personal notes:












Check out the new feature and enjoy your FleetMon account.

AIS coverage back to normal after attack

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Good news: FleetMon’s AIS coverage is back to normal after the malicious attacks on the FleetMon servers over the weekend. Thanks to all partners who supported us, and thanks to all FleetMon users for their understanding. We are now better geared to resist such attacks should they appear again in the future.

FleetMon under attack, AIS reception affected

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Starting Saturday evening 16:00 UTC, the FleetMon system finds itself under attack from unknown sources in the Internet that aim to interrupt or stop FleetMon’s services. While our servers have been successfully stabilized in the meantime, AIS reception is affected and not yet back to normal level. Thank you very much for your understanding.
We are working hard to block this kind of attack and identify the source, hopefully restoring full FleetMon coverage during Monday.

Update: AIS Coverage has been fully restored in the meantime. See our following blog post.

Smart Vessel Filters out now!

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Have you ever tried to find out how many Italian-flagged Liquified Gas Carriers of a certain deadweight are included in the FleetMon Vessel Database?

No matter if you are looking for Bulk carriers of the Panamax size, or pleasure crafts longer than 50 meters, the necessary filters to browse the FleetMon Vessel Database for the ships of your interest are now available for you.

Sort over 390.000 ships by flag, AIS category, length or attribute – the different filters of course can be combined. Users with an Unlimited account additionally benefit from advanced filters to browse the database by deadweight and  specific vessel types, such as Reefer, Cable Ship or Ore Carrier.

Enjoy the enhanced possibilities of the FleetMon Vessel Database and don’t hesitate to contact us with your feedback, questions or inquiries.

Vessel database with advanced filters


GEORG BUECHNER sunk, AIS track of her last moments here available

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130528 GEORG BUECHNER AJAKS - foto copyright #5987
Polish Coast Guard confirms that GEORG BUECHNER sank at approximate position 54.55871’N / 18.31,308’E in unknown depth northeast off Rozewie Lighthouse.
This is the position indicated in below screenshot. Navigational warnings issued. Foto:

actions possible: pickup seamen

main image of situation

Google Earth view with timestamps and position

FleetMon offers this AIS recordings as a GoogleEarth file

FleetMon Record: Ajaks_2013-05-31.kmz

We would be glad to hear about results of your analyzes and new opinions!

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Almería – FleetMon te está echando de menos!

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A new host is wanted for our AIS Station in Almería:

Tal vez te hayas dado cuenta ya:
En el sur de España desaparecieron algunos puntos colorados del mapa hace unos días. Por eso buscamos a un nuevo socio alrededor de Almería.
La estación de AIS ya esta ahí – solo falta un interesado que puede conectarla al internet y a la corriente. El nuevo anfitrión por supuesto será premiado con una cuenta Unlimited gratuita.

¿Conoces a alguien que vive alrededor de Almería o Carboneras, o incluso te encuentras ahí tu mismo? ¡Fantástico!
Ponte en contacto con nosotros y pronto serás uno de los socios AIS de FleetMon!

FleetMon Explorer - live real-time vessel tracking and monitoring -

If you are located in the southeastern coast of Andalusia or if you know someone there who could be interested in hosting an AIS receiver station for FleetMon, please get in touch with us!

Tag your vessels, organize your fleet list!

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FleetMon’s My Fleet list is a great way to keep track of the ships you are interested in. My Fleet provides you with a fleet position overview at a glance on the map, both in your browser or on your mobile. And what’s more, the FleetMon start page and the daily e-mail report give you a concise summary of what has happened overnight in your “fleet”.

So, now you started collecting all ships of interest in your My Fleet – excellent! The FleetMon Pro and Unlimited accounts have plenty of space for you. But how to stay organized as your list grows?

We just introduced the My Fleet tag system for this purpose, which lets you sort and categories all entries in your list in a most flexible way:

  • Agents and suppliers: Organize your list by client, by status, by port of call, by week of arrival, …
  • Brokers: Organize by owner, type, tonnage, probability, interests, …
  • Ship spotters and ship lovers: Your favorite coasters from the 1980ies, Icelandic fisher boats, Swedish Navy Ships, …
  • Ship managers: Organize your fleet by type, by charterer, by department, by size, by year of built, … – and why not keep a list of competitor X and competitor Y?

You name it, everything is possible. You can assign the same ship to multiple tags; and multiple ships to the same tag.
The tag system adopts perfectly to the way YOU think and work.

Here is how:

Add tags when adding a vessel to your watchlist…


…so you can easily filter your My Fleet for those ships you are interested in.


Edit and assign tags from within My Fleet by clicking the “tag” icon in the rightmost column. FleetMon suggests tags that you are already using so that you don’t have to repeat yourself.


Now, go ahead, try the new organization system and make it part of your everyday work!

Don’t hesitate to let us have your comments and wishes, we are always happy to hear your feedback.

Get well soon, Emma Maersk!

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At the beginning of February 2013 the queen of container vessels, Emma Maersk –  one of the largest cargo ships in the word, had to break off its voyage to Asia. Being in the waters of the Suez Canal the danish ship sustained damages to the main engine due to inrushing water. Fortunately, there was no real danger of sinking and no pollution reported.

The ship was initially evacuated to the quay at Suez Canal Container Terminal and several investigations were held. Its seems that the leakage was caused by a failure of the stern thruster propeller blades that cracked the ship’s hull and resulted in the flooding of the engine room.

In the meanwhile Emma Maersk was towed to Sicily island and is moored in Palermo since the 25th of February. In accordance to the owner Maersk Line it is probably a matter of months before the vessel can enter into service again.

Detailed information about the accident as well as several screenshots showing the transfer of Emma Maersk are available in the ship’s wiki section, which you can find on the bottom of the datasheet.

emma evacuation

emma evacuation 2