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The cruise market as a booming area

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The cruise industry has been experiencing especially dynamic development.
Within just 10 years, the number of passengers has tripled. In Germany alone, more than 1.77 million people took part on an ocean cruise in 2014.Read more…

World container shipping

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Container vessels represent a type of ship which transport standardized ISO containers. Their cargo capacity is measured in TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units).Today, more than 90 % percent of the trade between countries is carried by container ships.  The largest vessels are nearly 1313 feet long and can carry more than 20 000 TEU. All container vessels represented in the following density map are over 330 feet long.

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ORBCOMM successful launches eleven OG2 satellites

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Here is Orbcomms press release from 2015-12-22,

Second mission completes OG2 constellation to provide global M2M messaging and AIS services

Rochelle Park, NJ, December 21, 2015 – ORBCOMM Inc. (Nasdaq: ORBC), a global provider of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things T) solutions, today announced that it has successfully launched eleven next generation OG2 satellites from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida at 8:29 pm ET. The eleven OG2 satellites were successfully separated from the Falcon 9 launch vehicle into the proper insertion orbit.

“Today marks a significant milestone for our company. We’d like to thank our vendors and partners for their cooperation in this effort,” said Marc Eisenberg, ORBCOMM’s Chief Executive Officer. “I’d also like to commend the ORBCOMM team for their hard work and dedication in making our second OG2 mission a success. Lastly, I’d like to congratulate SpaceX on making history by landing the Falcon 9’s reusable Stage one booster from a record altitude. It’s an exciting day for all of us in the space industry.”

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ORBCOMM meets SpaceX, best SAT-AIS coverage is getting even better

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In short the private space agency SpaceX just brought up all 11 ORBCOMM OG2 satellites in nominal orbits and landed the first stage of its Falcon rocket successfully back on earth.
Think about that and all it’s implications: you fire up satellites into orbit and instead of throwing your expensive rocket into the ocean and build another one … you just land it, refuel it and give it another shot. What a giant leap!
Beside the fact that some nations couldn’t even build airports anymore (no names here), that is quite impressive.
For more information about SpaceX and the grand master Elon Musk, please read this article … the most funny and brainful stuff you will find.

And what about those ORBCOMM satellites?
Those OG2 satellites are quite small next generation M2M-satellites, which form the backbone of a growing dedicated machine-2-machine communication network. This new generation of OG2 satellites provides more bandwidth, better coverage and less power consumption.
But what we at love even more, is that every OG2 satellite is equipped with an AIS payload to receive and report transmissions from AIS-equipped vessels.

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33rd “Peter Gast Schiffahrtsregatta” 2015, sailing race event of the German Maritime Industry

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The FleetMon team joined together with Llyod’s Register to attend and compete in the 33rd Peter Gast Schiffahrtsregatta, an event which started years ago with only a small number of friends taking part at this race.



Today competing against 120 vessels, and more than 1000 maritime shipping professionals from a starting location in Germany to Denmark. The event was exciting with many laughs, tears and joy spread over the two day event, which was shared by all who participated.

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Welkom bij Curaçao!

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Fresh and fantastic AIS coverage in the Caribbean Sea is available for all FleetMon users now!

Monitor vessels traveling through the passage between the island of Curaçao and Venezuela:

Live marine traffic in the passage between Curaçao and Venezuela.

Present marine traffic in the waters around Curaçao

Want to improve live vessel tracking for other islands of the Netherlands Antilles? Click here to contact us and we will inform you how to do this!

Hello Ghana, welcome Takoradi and Sekondi!

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Now you can monitor vessels live around the ports Takoradi and Sekondi in Ghana. Open your FleetMon Explorer and enjoy fresh AIS coverage for these locations:

Real-time vessel tracking for the ports of Western Africa -  Takoradi and Sekondi

Real-time vessel tracking for the ports of West Africa – Takoradi and Sekondi

Watch tugs operating in the waters around ports Takoradi and Sekondi

Watch tugs operating in the waters around Takoradi and Sekondi

The ports of Abidjan, BuchananMonrovia and Freetown are still waiting for their AIS kits! If you want to become a FleetMon AIS host at these locations or already have an AIS receiver station at your place, get in touch with us  and we will help setting things up.

Enjoy improved AIS coverage for Italy!

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We’ve got a rich AIS harvest this week for you: additional AIS data for the western coast of Tuscany is available in FleetMon Explorer now!

Watch and enjoy:

Live marine traffic in the waters around the Italian Islands Elba and Sicily

Live marine traffic in the waters around the Italian Islands Elba and Sicily

Watch the MOBY's ferries pending live between Italian ports Portoferraio and Piombino

The MOBY’s ferries shuttling live between Italian ports Portoferraio and Piombino

Interested how to lighten your port with AIS and to bring FleetMon to your area? Contact us and we would be glad to answer these questions and to assist you!

Satellite tracking, re-invented for you!

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Satellite AIS is great for tracking vessels all around the world, even on high seas. And if you still believe that it is only for big companies with big budgets, we have excellent news for you:

We have just extended FleetMon’s successful Satellite AIS Polling service, making it easier than ever!

You can now activate satellite tracking for any vessel at the click of a button, and track the ship for two entire weeks with full access to all available FleetMon data.

Got an important shipment to follow but you’re not ready for the full glory of a FleetMon Unlimited Sat plan? Then this new service is for you — just book the ships you really need and as long as you need.

Thousands of FleetMon users are already following their ships using the Satellite Polling service. Secure your access to satellite AIS tracking data now, too!


Decide yourself if you need an instant single position report, or if you prefer full tracking and data access. Just have a look into the voyage information on the vessel’s detail page:


Here you can access the most recent satellite position available for your ship, using the button “Show a single update”.

FleetMon will unveil the ship’s position and deliver an additional email report straight to your inbox.


So far, so good – but what if you want to stay up to date on your vessel’s progress over the next couple of days, or need deeper insight into all tracking information available for it?

Use the button “Track this vessel for 14 days” and unlock continuous deepwater tracking plus full access to all available FleetMon data for this ship!


FleetMon Explorer, FleetMon Mobile, your My Fleet view and the vessel’s detail page will now continuously reflect the most recent position available.

In addition to live data, the voyage log with detailed visualization of the past ship track will include the last 30 days, the port call history will reach back 12 months and all available schedule information for the coming 30 days will be visible for you.

Enjoy FleetMon’s premium service for the vessels of your choice! Remember, you’ll find it on any vessel’s detail page.

As always, we’d be happy if you share your feedback, wishes and questions with us in the comments.
And if you’re not finding what you are looking for, or if you would like to discuss a customized data service we are here to help!