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See you at V-TRACKS, VesselTracking and Monitoring Conference?

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V-TRACKS invites you to its 6th Annual Vessel Tracking & Monitoring Conference, this year promoting interoperability for maritime safety, security and environmental efficiency.

Meet senior FleetMon staff at V-Tracks and take the opportunity to discuss your project. Whether through our web platform, through proven APIs or bespoke solutions, challenge us!

Here is what’s new at V-TRACKS for the 4th-5th of February 2015 in London:

  • Hear from senior level naval and government representatives on how they optimise their dark target detection and increase their maritime domain awareness
  • Discover how shipowners are creating their own knowledge management tools to improve their fleet’s efficiency, communication and navigation
  • Assess the current developments towards interoperability in the maritime domain with the European maritime simulator network (EMSN)
  • Explore how tracking technologies are being used to monitor environmental compliance in the Baltic
  • Understand how to protect and encrypt your data from cyber security threats
  • Hear how users are combining sensor and semantic data to provide the optimum decision making tool

We hope to see you there!


FleetMon Explorer has been updated for you!

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Having access to global vessel tracking data is vital for almost everyone related to the maritime industry. Traffic analyses, fleet and operations monitoring, logistics and scheduling… whatever you’re in, realtime tracking data allows you to think one step ahead.

The fresh FleetMon Explorer update gives you new tools to assess vessel movements from global scale to port operations, quickly filtering down to what you really want to see!

Discover the handy vessel type and signal age filters, and easily pull up all your personal fleets – now displayed on brilliant new map layers. Look through a choice of our favorite views here or directly open FleetMon Explorer and try it yourself!

FleetMon Explorer - Filter vessels by type

FleetMon introduces a vessel type filter, allowing you to sort the ships on your screen by category. Quickly assess the number of tankers in the Persian Gulf and pleasure crafts in the Mediterranean, or just filter out vessel types that are not relevant for you.


Add vessels of interest to your My Fleet list and create individual tags to categorize your fleet as you choose. FleetMon Explorer fully supports your tagging system and displays your fleet in a separate view.


Activate different weather layers to assess vessel performance and progress. Additional insight into weather situation and forecast at a ship’s position is available on its detail page and will help you to schedule your operations.


From global traffic overview to detailed operations monitoring: Zoom down to see the ships in true dimensions — perfect for following maneuvers in real time on FleetMon’s sea charts.


Use the signal age slider or filter for terrestrial AIS, captured by land-based antennas, if you want to see live vessel movements only. Include satellite AIS data to see ships on high seas and have the signal age displayed directly on the map for quick analysis of the traffic situation.

Like what you see here? Sign-up for a free trial of our satellite-enabled plans on and get a first-hand experience of FleetMon Explorer together with FleetMon’s superior satellite AIS tracking quality, or talk to our sales team to discuss your project!