Digital economy increasingly impacting shipping – are you prepared?

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The recently published PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC) German Shipping Survey 2017 revealed that one in two German shipping companies have already been heavily impacted by digitalisation and 84% expect online portals to grow in importance.


Once a year, PwC publishes its survey of German shipping companies. This report published in July 2017 highlighted the increasing impact of digitalisation on shipping. More than 80% of German shipping companies expect online applications soon to become a matter of course for customers, e.g. booking sea-borne transport via an online portal. The shipping companies interviewed have been impacted to a differing extent by the rise of the digital economy. Around half said they had been affected by major changes, 41% less so and 10% felt they had not been affected at all.

PwC highlights the dangers of ignoring digitalisation, pointing out that far too many shipping companies are lulling themselves into a false sense of security by thinking that digitalisation will simply sail by and leave their traditional business models unaffected. Although 57% of the interviewees judged themselves to be digitally competent, 43% suspected digital deficiencies and thought they weren’t well equipped for the challenges of the digital economy. A PwC expert quoted in the report believes that the platform effect evident in other industries could well become a feature of shipping.

This is where FleetMon can provide valuable assistance. Dozens of online platforms already exist for ship owners, operators or charterers to upload their content. At FleetMon we already have the relevant content, e.g. ETAs, historical tracking data, event handling, alerting, etc. It’s there for you to access – and equip yourself for the digitalised future of shipping.

By the way, this PwC survey also brought some good news: over 70% of the interviewees predicted global ship-borne cargo volumes would increase over the next five years. With light now appearing at the end of the shipping tunnel it’s a good time to invest in digitalisation to avoid any digital deficiencies.

Earth and Sky United – Pioneering partnership between exactEarth and FleetMon delivers integrated satellite-terrestrial AIS services

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A recently announced partnership between two leading providers of AIS data services – exactEarth for satellite AIS (S-AIS) and FleetMon for terrestrial AIS (T-AIS) – delivers a quantum leap in the extent and comprehensiveness of vital vessel-tracking information for ship owners, charterers and supply-chain operators.

Pioneering partnership between exactEarth and FleetMon delivers integrated satellite-terrestrial AIS services
utilizing real-time S-AIS feed from exactView RT, exactEarth will be providing its industry-leading S-AIS data services to FleetMon, a leading global network provider of T-AIS services. The new partnership enables the two companies to enhance their product offerings within their existing customer base while also expanding into associated global markets.

Deployed and trusted by over 350,000 users in the global maritime community, FleetMon’s T-AIS data services already provide the world’s fastest update rate in delivering real-time T-AIS. Thanks to the partnership with exactEarth all these customers will now have access to exactAIS data and enjoy real-time, continuous global coverage of their maritime traffic operations.
As FleetMon’s CEO Lars Brandstaeter points out,

“this new partnership adds a new dimension to our AIS data service offering. I’m delighted to say that earth and sky are now united in serving the global maritime community.”


About exactEarth

exactEarth is a leading provider of global maritime vessel data for ship tracking and maritime situational awareness solutions. Since its establishment in 2009, exactEarth has pioneered a powerful new method of maritime surveillance called Satellite AIS (“S-AIS”) and has delivered to its clients a view of maritime behaviours across all regions of the world’s oceans unrestricted by terrestrial limitations. exactEarth has deployed an operational data processing supply chain involving a constellation of satellites, receiving ground stations, patented decoding algorithms and advanced “big data” processing and distribution facilities. This ground-breaking system provides a comprehensive picture of the location of AIS equipped maritime vessels throughout the world and allows exactEarth to deliver data and information services characterized by high performance, reliability, security and simplicity to large international markets.  For more information, visit


About FleetMon

FleetMon is a leading global network provider of terrestrial AIS (T-AIS) data services. Established in 2007  FleetMon has pioneered real-time T-AIS and now supplies clients in 164 countries with real-time and historic vessel data enabling ship owners, charterers and supply chain operators to track the position of their ships. Over 250 million vessel position reports per day are linked with detailed weather reports to deliver the precise vessel-tracking information FleetMon’s clients require. This data is backed by knowledgeable and responsive service support and creatively designed web services. Excellence in consulting and delivering data integration solutions enhances the company’s reputation with its clients. The partnership with exactEarth reflects FleetMon’s focus on integrated data solutions. For more information, visit

Mr. Carsten Hilgenfeld
at FleetMon, Germany

Result of the Picture of the Week/Month Survey

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A few weeks ago we ran a survey to get feedback on the picture of the month/week tool. Many thanks to everybody who filled out the form and shared their experiences with us. More then 93% of the participants like this new tool and some made improvement proposals that we considered. We will use this feedback to improve the tool in the coming releases.

We want to thank everybody for all their support, their fantastic pictures and lovely words. Every day we have the chance to see fantastic, high quality pictures and that is why we we have updated the image guidelines to give you more chances to publish creative and high quality pictures.

Our experience with the community has been very courteous, fair and friendly. We continue to solve all issues together and strive to be fair and polite. If there is a problem or a question, please feel free to contact the support team by email or chat window. If anyone is interested in getting involved in keeping the image database quality high, we would be happy to welcome volunteers to support our image moderation team.

If you have further questions or suggestions just contact us.

Vessel Tracking Solution for America’s First Offshore Wind Farm

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Block Island success

December 12, 2016 was a memorable milestone in the history of America’s clean renewable energy industry. It was the day when Deepwater Wind’s Block Island Wind Farm became the first offshore wind farm to deliver energy to the American power grid. Located off the shore of Rhode Island, the five offshore wind turbines that make up Block Island Wind Farm are now delivering electricity to the New England grid on a regular basis. The power produced by this pioneering wind farm is transmitted to the grid via a new sea-to-shore submarine cable system. This historic project was the result of two years of work involving more than 300 workers in the development, construction and commissioning of Block Island Wind Farm. Such a project also generates a great many vessel movements, which is where FleetMon came in. Read more…

Update: AIS Station Report – start of 2017

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We are permanently expanding our Terrestrial AIS Network!
To keep you updated, here’s an overview of this Month new AIS stations:

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Update: New Terrestrial AIS Stations September 2016

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We are permanently expanding our Terrestrial AIS Network!
To keep you updated, here’s an overview of this Month new AIS stations:

  • Cabo da Roca Lighthouse, Portugal
  • Cape Henlopen, United States
  • Chichester, United Kingdom
  • Constanta, Romania

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Workshop on maritime performance in Stuttgart

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At the end of July we were invited by the University of Stuttgart and the Institute of Transportation Research Stuttgart (which is part of Germany’s excellence cluster „simulation technology“) to take part in a workshop on maritime performance calculation on August 24, 2016. After several warm-up presentations, it was discussed how existing algorithms can be improved, in order to generate more accurate results and faster calculation times.


It could be noted, that further research for the improved performance and capacity in the calculation of shipping routes is needed. Main applications in particular apply for shearing and intersecting traffic. According to the participants, there is significant ongoing research, but the results cannot be applied in practice. At the end of the day, each participant was satisfied with the workshop and everyone agreed to work together on future development projects.

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