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Update: Wednesday, 2009-05-29

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It is the break of the Champions League final, giving me some time for a note (hoping for Manus wake up):
(most of the fixes are related to the last week introduced complete new object-id for vessels)

[*] fixed missing links to detail pages from Fleetmon
[*] fixed 404 errors on symlinked pages
[*] fixed links inside global kml file

[+] added UTC arrival date on vessel detail page
[+] added the ever missing ETA entry on vessel detail page
[+] Added new Coverage Flag in Vessel-Lists
[+] building the grounds for the soon available stations statistics (coverage measuring)

[-] excluded around 300 AIS land stations from the archive listings (until a naming scheme has been defined)
[-] clean up of old vessel entries, with missing parameters (reduced list, around 700, today = 61.075 vessels)

Game is up again, we will concentrate on the bigger screen now….and thanks to all very active uploaders of this busy week !