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The day before the day after tomorrow…

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border_openning_germany_1989did bring 20 years of freedom in my live.
We had a big party last night to honor living in a free country almost half of our lives .
In the night of the 9th November 1989 the wall in Germany came down and we jumped into our “Trabant” car to leave Rostock (EastGermany) on the way to the “green Border” to visit the city of Lübeck (West Germany) for our first time ever. That was a really great time and tears are in my eyes watching all those historic backviews in German television. I am still very glad, that I have the right to say and to do what I think is right.
I would never had the chance in East Germany to do stuff, like this site.

Things can change really quick sometimes, keep believing and take the wave of permanent movement…,
that’s what I learned from our history at least :-)