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It’s here: FleetMon mobile for Android!

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We’ve listened to your wishes and developed a new version of FleetMon for all mobile devices!
FleetMon mobile for Android devices has just been delivered to the Google Play Store.

The app passed all sea trials and provides you with traffic displays from all around the globe. Use the ship and port search to look up ship positions, their particulars and schedules. Your My Fleet list is synchronized with the website so you can keep track of your favorite ships. And guess what: the app is free of charge!

Download now, enjoy mobile tracking with FleetMon and let us know how you like it!

20130306_blog_fmmobileAndroid app on Google Play

By the way, FleetMon mobile will run on almost all smartphone platforms.

FleetMon Mobile: v1.6 released in App store

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We will continue to deliver the best vessel tracking App available for the iPhone and iPad.
What’s New in this Version * NOTE: FleetMon Mobile needs free account on www.fleetmon.com website (formerly digital-seas.com), please check your username/Password on “Xtra” tab *

We’ve launched a complete new companion website: www.fleetmon.com, the first open Ship Wiki on the web, delivering access to more then 250.000 vessel datasets. FleetMon Mobile is now giving you direct mobile access to this huge database.

Continuous development without fast version number hops,
please rate this App in the Store.

✔ Interface: New: icons for vessels not in motion (streamlined with FleetMon Explorer Desktop)
✔ Added coverage layer for zoomed out views
✔ new: Vessel labels for zoomed in “port views”
✔ new: “port” and “sea” buttons on map for faster zooming (patents pending :-)

✔ complete rewrite of mapping module, adding speed and new layers
✔ much faster vessel photos due to new image servers
✔ faster and smooth reloading while moving the map, also new data cloud servers installed
✔ New: “News” display for server status and fleetmon.com Blog news
✔ adjusting authentication schema for the new relaunched fleetmon.com platform

___________________older logs of this version path
✔ Added compatibility to the upcoming version of iOS.
✔ Fixed some issues related to indexed tables.
✔ Added changeable radius in Spotter (Xtra -> turn iPhone to landscape mode).

✔ Improved network code to handle server-side glitches, even more elegant.
✔ Adds a fix to nail down a pretty rare bug handling thumbs. Thanks to all the contributors involved, you know who you are! :-)
Please rate, if You like FleetMon.

✔ Enhanced stability for iOS version prior to 4.3.3. 

✔ Fixed a minor issue that could lead to an empty map.
✔ Reduced memory footprint (run more apps faster at the same time)

✔ new: Coverage layer added to FleetMon’s spotter map.
✔ new: Improved vessel search.
✔ Fixed some minor glitches and issues

✔ new: flicker free update of vessel positions on map
✔ new: swipe gesture to delete vessels from “My Fleet”
✔ new: status feedback in message bar
✔ Fixed bugs to improve stability

- for users having difficulties to input their login data, we adjusted the interface (my Fleet)
- fixing a memory leak
- new map switch


Ooh Boy, this update marked the biggest effort since the release of Fleetmon :mobile in Fall 2009.
✔ new: “My Fleet” Function, manage the same Fleet list on your device and on fleetmon.com website
✔ new: Gallery of Ship Images , only accept the best in quality in full resolution for the iPhone (retina) and iPad
✔ new: Feedback function: send reports and comments from inside the app
✔ new: supoport for portrait and landscape mode on all devices
✔ new: map display with literal of sea area and nearest port for better orientation
✔ new: reDesign of vessel detail tab for faster overview and readability
✔ new: listing of last ports now also available on detail page (just swipe down…)

✔ testet with iOS 4.3 on iPhone and iPad,
✔ local image cache for reducing the data volume of transmission
✔ new server for optimizing image resolution of various end-devices
✔ implementing functional authentification against Fleetmon.com
(70% of our net-traffic was created by scraping third party apps)
✔ adoption to multitasking and memory available, saving all task states
✔ new APIs for all services, new servers (of course… :-)


Fleetmon Sat mobile for Blackberry released

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We are pleased to announce the immedite availability of Fleetmon Sat mobile for the Blackberry. Now, ship owners using Blackberry phones can equally enjoy the comfort of quick and convenient fleet position checks right on their mobile, wherever they are, anytime, with the well-known security of the Blackberry system.

With the release of Fleetmon Sat mobile for the Blackberry OS, we are proud to support all major mobile plattforms: Fleetmon Sat mobile, the mobile companion App for the Fleetmon Satellite Tracking service, now runs on iPhones, iPads, Android and Blackberry OS 6 devices. Fleetmon Satellite Tracking provides ship owners with reliable and cost-effective global tracking for vessels and fleets of all sizes, hourly position updates for all ships equipped even on high seas, and a range of supervision and assessment features. Check out Fleetmon Sat mobile on Blackberry AppWorld – it’s free!

Mobile Tracking with Your Phone

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We are very excited about our new piece of software for mobile Phones called MobTrack.

It could well support us shipspotters by tracking locations and store positions right into our images.

Putting it on your mobile will give you the opportunity to show your live movements on a web-Page. And when I say live, I mean real-live (ok 3 sec delay between sending and showing). We set up a page to demonstrate the functionality and to download the software for JAVA phones.
Free for all, the DS principle.
For the time of Beta-Testing I will also show my tracks to everyone, after that phase, we will introduce buddylists.
See and try it: www.digital-seas.com/mob