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Fleetmon mobile for iPhone v.1.0 released

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Late last week we put the finishing touches to a very special project we’ve been wanting to share with you for a while now. After many weeks of burning the midnight oil at JAKOTAs ofice in an effort to squeeze into it every drop of spotting goodness, we’ve finally completed work on the Fleetmon mobile app for the iPhone and sent it over to the nice people at Apple.
And now guess what, we are talking about this not as a rumour, but an approved application in the Apple Store. So get your iPhone connected, or fire up iTunes and take a look yourself…

We thought it might be nice to show you a video of what we’ve built so far for you (still in the works, as of my writing…).

There is a dedicated new area here at Digital-Seas website: www.fleetmon.com/products/fleetmon_mobile
and of course a support space in our Forum section: fleetmon.com/community/forum/

We would love to hear your comments, if this is of any use for your daily work or spotting experience.

Busy weeks: Antwerp, Amsterdam, Athens now covered.

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Even GB is present now

with a little help of our friends…

Thanks to Stevo in Belgium, Johan in the Netherlands, also Costas and Lekkas in Greece, we did increase the reception of DS for more then 50% in the last three weeks. We rearranged the areas into the known Seas, we dropped the city selections, because there are just to much (hope, everybody is using a fast computer).

Very motivating for us, we now wish for a client, which is able to track all the vessels at the same time.

We are working on that of course. There are a couple extensions in the search function and the detail view of a vessel. We are now displaying the ship history of names and flags. Did we mention the new Blog and the Forums. Please make use of them and start interacting with us!

Uploads of vessel images have strongly increased over the last months, thanks to all the supporters for that.

Next step on Digital Seas will be the introduction of Zone-Alerts for individual vessels and areas, a big step into even more practical returns of this site.

Try searching by typing

Who ever could support us with more AIS reception is very welcome here! Lars