Welcome to FleetMon’s new AIS station in ရန်ကုန်!

Curious, what location is hidden behind this script ရန်ကုန်?
Simply go ahead to FleetMon Explorer and have a look at the Republic of the Union of Myanmar:

Enjoy the fresh AIS coverage for the port of Yangon (ရန်ကုန်) in Myanmar!

Enjoy fresh AIS coverage for the port of Yangon (ရန်ကုန်) in Myanmar!

… and visit FleetMon’s port page for Yangon to check scheduled vessel arrivals, past port calls and weather forecast.

See you at V-TRACKS, VesselTracking and Monitoring Conference?

January 15th, 2015 FleetMon.com News


V-TRACKS invites you to its 6th Annual Vessel Tracking & Monitoring Conference, this year promoting interoperability for maritime safety, security and environmental efficiency.

Meet senior FleetMon staff at V-Tracks and take the opportunity to discuss your project. Whether through our web platform FleetMon.com, through proven APIs or bespoke solutions, challenge us!

Here is what’s new at V-TRACKS for the 4th-5th of February 2015 in London:

  • Hear from senior level naval and government representatives on how they optimise their dark target detection and increase their maritime domain awareness
  • Discover how shipowners are creating their own knowledge management tools to improve their fleet’s efficiency, communication and navigation
  • Assess the current developments towards interoperability in the maritime domain with the European maritime simulator network (EMSN)
  • Explore how tracking technologies are being used to monitor environmental compliance in the Baltic
  • Understand how to protect and encrypt your data from cyber security threats
  • Hear how users are combining sensor and semantic data to provide the optimum decision making tool

We hope to see you there!



December 5th, 2014 FleetMon.com News

You can now enjoy live monitoring of vessel traffic in many new ports worldwide – We say thanks to all new AIS partners and contributors that joined FleetMon in the last weeks and made this possible!

Are you a ship enthusiast, interested in monitoring live vessel tracking at your place? Or would you like to improve your business with the help of AIS? Get in touch with us now! We’d be happy to provide you with your own AIS station or can set up customized AIS data services tailored to your needs.

AIS coverage for Bahrain

In the following, you can discover a fresh pick of ports worldwide that are now covered by AIS!

Monitor vessel traffic in the Spanish fishing port Viveiro and in the waters around.

Monitor live vessel traffic in the Spanish fishing port Viveiro and see how the fishing boats are hunting for their catch in the waters around.

Check what ships are scheduled to arrive to the port of Trieste and watch vessel live coming to Trieste and Koper

Check what ships are scheduled to arrive to the Italian port Trieste and watch vessels coming to the ports Muggia and Koper in the Gulf of Triest.

Enjoy improved AIS coverage for FleetMon's home port Rostock!

Enjoy improved AIS coverage for FleetMon’s home port Rostock!

AIS coverage could also be improved in FleetMon's  home port Rostock, in Vienna, Australia and along the river Waal, Netherlands.

AIS coverage could also be improved along the river Waal, Netherlands: get insight into the vessel movements on the river and see the actual size of ships on the map.

One of the most current eye catchers are mobile AIS stations traveling the Indian Ocean and collecting AIS in ports like Singapore, Calcutta and Colombo during their voyages

Last but not least: the most current eye catchers are mobile AIS stations traveling the Indian Ocean and collecting AIS in ports like Singapore, Calcutta and Colombo during their voyages.

Dive into FleetMon Explorer now and discover fresh AIS coverage by yourself!


FleetMon Explorer has been updated for you!

Having access to global vessel tracking data is vital for almost everyone related to the maritime industry. Traffic analyses, fleet and operations monitoring, logistics and scheduling… whatever you’re in, realtime tracking data allows you to think one step ahead.

The fresh FleetMon Explorer update gives you new tools to assess vessel movements from global scale to port operations, quickly filtering down to what you really want to see!

Discover the handy vessel type and signal age filters, and easily pull up all your personal fleets – now displayed on brilliant new map layers. Look through a choice of our favorite views here or directly open FleetMon Explorer and try it yourself!

FleetMon Explorer - Filter vessels by type

FleetMon introduces a vessel type filter, allowing you to sort the ships on your screen by category. Quickly assess the number of tankers in the Persian Gulf and pleasure crafts in the Mediterranean, or just filter out vessel types that are not relevant for you.


Add vessels of interest to your My Fleet list and create individual tags to categorize your fleet as you choose. FleetMon Explorer fully supports your tagging system and displays your fleet in a separate view.


Activate different weather layers to assess vessel performance and progress. Additional insight into weather situation and forecast at a ship’s position is available on its detail page and will help you to schedule your operations.


From global traffic overview to detailed operations monitoring: Zoom down to see the ships in true dimensions — perfect for following maneuvers in real time on FleetMon’s sea charts.


Use the signal age slider or filter for terrestrial AIS, captured by land-based antennas, if you want to see live vessel movements only. Include satellite AIS data to see ships on high seas and have the signal age displayed directly on the map for quick analysis of the traffic situation.

Like what you see here? Sign-up for a free trial of our satellite-enabled plans on FleetMon.com and get a first-hand experience of FleetMon Explorer together with FleetMon’s superior satellite AIS tracking quality, or talk to our sales team to discuss your project!

Keep an eye on weather hazards in high seas

October 30th, 2014 FleetMon.com News

Are you up to date about the real maritime picture?

This week another meteorological hazard is spotted in FleetMon Explorer - Tropical Cyclone Nilofar. It shaped up in the middle of the Arabian Sea and has already developed into a Category 4 - the most powerful storm in the region since 2010. With the gusts of 160mph the intense cyclone will impact on parts of Oman, Pakistan and India in the upcoming week.

This week another meteorological hazard is spotted in FleetMon Explorer – Tropical Cyclone Nilofar. The cyclone shaped up in the Arabian Sea and has already developed into a Category 4. With the gusts of 160mph it is the most powerful storm in the region since 2010.

Two weeks ago Super Typhoon Vongfong — the strongest tropical cyclone of the year, equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane — was moving steadily towards Japan and the islands of Kadena and Okinawa, winds were expected to reach 165mph.

Two weeks ago Super Typhoon Vongfong — the strongest tropical cyclone of the year, equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane — was moving steadily towards Japan and the islands of Kadena and Okinawa, winds were expected to reach 165mph.

FleetMon lets you easily check current weather and sea state anywhere on the globe! Stay up to date on the development of tropical storms, hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons and keep an eye on your vessels in areas with heavy seas.

Interested? Everything you see here is included in our FleetMon Unlimited Sat plans. You are welcome to sign up for a trial here – or get in touch with our sales team. We’ll be pleased to help!

Next-generation satellite AIS on FleetMon.com, today

October 25th, 2014 FleetMon.com News, LinkedIn

On July 14 a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket was launched from Cape Canaveral with six next-generation AIS satellites on board.

FleetMon.com is pleased to announce that the additional AIS vessel tracking power delivered by these satellites is made fully available to users of the FleetMon platform as of today.

This newly expanded constellation of our satellite AIS partner ORBCOMM marks the largest and most powerful constellation existing today, and addresses a number of previous limitations faced when tracking vessel from space.

In addition to having more satellites detecting ship signals in space, also the number of ground stations has been vastly increased. Now ORBCOMM’s entire network of 16 ground stations is engaged, one on every continent of the globe, and ensures much more frequent downloads of the AIS messages received in space.

As a result, FleetMon users benefit from a dramatically reduced latency time and a strongly increased update rate of ship signals received from the open oceans. The overall data volume received by the satellites has easily tripled, and the ship signals from deep ocean position are displayed on FleetMon users’ screens in no more than 5-10 minutes.

Thanks to enhanced receiver technology with increased sensitivity, the new satellites detect more messages in high traffic areas and more vessels by detecting positions from lower powered transponders such as Class B transponder messages. There is also an increase in detection of AIS messages transmitted at lower data rates, such as from vessels at anchor, and static data reports, for example destination or ETA messages.

With these new capabilities, combined with FleetMon’s own terrestrial AIS network data, users are able to track vessels more accurately and precisely than has ever been possible before — with a further 11 satellites planned for deployment in late 2014!

Interested? Sign-up for a free trial of our satellite-enabled plans on FleetMon.com and get a first-hand experience of the new data quality, or talk to our sales team to discuss your project!


August 21st, 2014 FleetMon.com News

We are very thankful to all new AIS partners and contributors who joined the FleetMon AIS network over the last while. With your help FleetMon’s community now can benefit from live AIS coverage in FleetMon Explorer for the following ports and areas:

Thanks to your support enhanced coverage could be provided for:

If you want to bring AIS light to your region – FleetMon is here to help you. Free AIS kits are waiting for their hosts and can be dispatched to every corner of the world! For sharing your AIS data with FleetMon and for operating FleetMon’s AIS receiver station you will be rewarded with a free Unlimited account. Interested and want to find out more? – click here to get in touch with us!

AIS coverage for Portoferraio

Live vessel traffic around Lagos

Port Klang covered by AIS

How OPIS tracks 97.5% of product tankers bound to Europe on FleetMon

FleetMon partner Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) announces a break-through in the otherwise murky world of commodity flow tracking after its team in Europe successfully tracked vessels accounting for 97.5% of official European Commission jet fuel import statistics in Q1 2014.

Although statisticians at the European Commission publish import volumes two to three months after the vessels are booked, it has long been a cherished goal of modern oil analysis to pinpoint and track an import surge or shortfall ahead of time.

Thanks to an unparalleled team of reporters watching commodity markets internationally, the OPIS Tanker Tracker on FleetMon.com is the first real-time tracker of jet fuel and diesel into Europe to reliably forecast volumes at least two weeks before tankers arrive at ports.

Tanker Tracker predicts market-moving import volumes

The OPIS Tanker Tracker was launched a year ago, covering jet fuel only, with a database stretching back through 2012. In January, OPIS began tracking ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) being shipped into Europe, primarily from the U.S. and Russia, the region’s two biggest suppliers. OPIS offers the service in collaboration with vessel tracking service FleetMon, based in Rostock, Germany.

“This level of accuracy is the key that turns the mapping technology into bankable insight,” says veteran European distillate trader, Simon Pratt, who recently joined the OPIS vessel tracking team. “We’ve watched a fleet of fuel cargoes change destination, and prices fall steeply at that new destination.”

FleetMon’s powerful vessel tracking technology und elegant user interface enables following vessels on their global voyages up to their final destination, monitoring transports for unforeseen changes or delays, and determine accurate delivery dates.

On top of this foundation, it’s the OPIS Tanker Tracker that reveals the products aboard, and thereby, predicts market-moving total import volumes. OPIS uses its industry knowledge and extensive contacts to build a reliable list of tankers being loaded with jet fuel and diesel, detailing the buyer and seller of the fuel, or who is chartering the vessel, and then tracks ships to their final destination.


The OPIS Tanker Tracker also allows data to be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet format, which can yield valuable market intelligence.

For example, figures from this year’s second quarter showed oil company BP was the biggest supplier of jet fuel into Europe with 780,000 tons, followed by Kuwait Petroleum Corp. at 625,000 tons. Kuwait is the biggest exporter of jet fuel to Europe on an annual basis.

During May, oil trader Vitol was seen supplying 48% of jet fuel into Europe.

Tracking of ULSD exports to Europe from Russia also provides interesting color on the commercial arrangements between Russian oil refiners and global oil traders at a time when geopolitical tensions and sanctions threaten energy supplies.

OPIS’s Accurate Shipping List Aligns with EU Data


The OPIS Tanker Tracker has shown to be extremely accurate: in the fourth quarter of 2013 it tracked 5.185 million tons of jet fuel into Europe, compared to Eurostat’s 5.347 million, a 97% success rate. Eurostat is the European Commission’s database containing trade information.

This year, the OPIS Tanker Tracker achieved a 97.5% correlation with Eurostat for first quarter jet fuel imports into 28 member countries.

The Eurostat data showed 4.26 million tons imported into Europe during the January to March period, compared to the OPIS Tanker Tracker, which tallied 4.152 million tons on 79 tankers. Monthly figures varied due to vessel slippage.

Eurostat provides trade data typically three months behind real-time imports, so OPIS Tanker Tracker subscribers have a significant, three-month advantage over official European Commission trade figures.

The OPIS Tanker Tracker is edited by shipping industry veteran Michelle Wiese Bockmann. You can hear Michelle discuss the OPIS Tanker Tracker in the film, Seven Days of Marine Traffic on Earth, and request a free preview of both the jet and diesel vessel tracking services here.

Tim Wright
Director, Business Development and Content
OPIS | Oil Price Information Service
Phone: +46 (0)31 970771 (UK time zone)
Email: twright@opisnet.com

About OPIS
OPIS, a division of UCG, is the world’s most comprehensive source for petroleum, LPG/NGL, jet fuel and biofuels pricing and news information with offices in the U.S., Europe and Singapore and is the most widely accepted U.S. fuel price benchmark for supply contracts and competitive positioning. http://www.opisnet.com

About UCG
Founded in 1977, UCG is one of America’s leading, privately held providers of specialized business-to-business information. UCG’s portfolio is composed of companies serving the information and software needs of decision makers in health care, oil and energy, technology, telecommunications, banking and finance, and the mortgage industry. The company has received many awards for journalistic excellence and was voted one of D.C.’s 50 Best Places to Work by Washingtonian Magazine. http://www.ucg.com

About Fleetmon
FleetMon, a service of JAKOTA Cruise Systems GmbH, provides the latest in satellite-based vessel tracking and information services employing a uniquely elegant and powerful user interface. http://www.fleetmon.com

Do you have any plans for the weekend?

August 7th, 2014 FleetMon.com News, Site Updates

To all tall ship lovers, vessel photographers and festival fans – don’t miss out Rostock’s 24th Hanse Sail!

Officially opened just a few minutes ago, the ports of Rostock and Warnemünde are already crowded: The famous historic tall-ship Santa Maria Manuela, impressive rebuilding Avatar and trader Tres Hombres are just a few of the many vessels that attend the event for the first time and share the berthing places with regular guests like the Gorch Fock, Hansekogge and Kruzenshtern.

First impressions from Rostock port

First impressions from Rostock port – that’s what Hanse Sail is about!

If you can’t join the party in person, get your share with the help of FleetMon:

  • Enjoy all vessel positions, tracks and spectacular ship photos on FleetMon.com
  •  Monitor the daily rides of the fleet to the Baltic Sea with FleetMon Mobile on your smartphone, available for free in your App Store
  • Enjoy live tracking for all ships with detailed track review in FleetMon Explorer and in our free Hanse Sail Web Map

The FleetMon Team will keep you posted on the event and share photos  on Facebook and Twitter with you!

Tall Ship Sedov just arriving in time for the 24th Hanse Sail in Rostock

Tall Ship Sedov just arriving in time for the 24th Hanse Sail in Rostock!



Finally! Satellite tracking data fully visualized – Global vessel movements at a single glance

Which oil tankers are lying in the roads, waiting for an assignment in the Golf of Guinea? Or off Fujairah? And which vessels are engaged in offshore construction works in the Barents Sea?

FleetMon now has the answers that you are looking for!

Space-born tracking data has just been seamlessly integrated into FleetMon Explorer, enabling you to inspect vessel traffic and behavior in any region, all around the globe. Zoom into any area of your interest and immediately identify all vessels directly on the map.

The FleetMon team is proud to release this eye-opening functionality to all subscribers of our satellite-enabled subscription plans with immediate effect.

Have a look into the following images to discover your new possibilities with FleetMon Explorer. Or even better: Sign up for one of FleetMon’s Unlimited Sat accounts and try it yourself!

FMX - Global traffic overview with satellite AIS

Follow the global marine traffic to the open sea with satellite AIS.

FMX - All vessels, all tracks, all voyage details globally

Inspect marine traffic from a global perspective and zoom into any area of your interest to identify every single ship at first sight.

FMX - vessel and voyage details at a click

Assess voyage details including last port, next destination and estimated time of arrival directly in the map. The vessel’s detail page with further ship particulars, logs and statistics is just one click away.

FMX - Offshore Operations in Barents Sea

Monitor vessels and operations far offshore, where normal tracking methods cannot reach. Navigation charts, weather data and display of surrounding marine traffic help you improve nautical supervision, weather routing and bunker planning.

Sign up for one of FleetMon’s Unlimited Sat accounts for immediate insight into the global marine traffic here!

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