33rd “Peter Gast Schiffahrtsregatta” 2015, sailing race event of the German Maritime Industry

September 3rd, 2015 FleetMon.com News

The FleetMon team joined together with Llyod’s Register to attend and compete in the 33rd Peter Gast Schiffahrtsregatta, an event which started years ago with only a small number of friends taking part at this race.

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Today competing against 120 vessels, and more than 1000 maritime shipping professionals from a starting location in Germany to Denmark. The event was exciting with many laughs, tears and joy spread over the two day event, which was shared by all who participated.


Update: New Terrestrial AIS Stations June 2015

Portugal_01 Santana Madeira, Portugal
Situated in the north coast of the Madeira Island there is a Marine Reserve programme called “Rocha do Navio” which offers its visitors moments of tranquillity and rest as well as a number of activities such as underwater spearfishing and line fishing, picking limpet and periwinkle, and amateur scuba diving. Now you can all see the passing vessel movements on Fleetmon.
Netherland_01 Deventer, Netherlands
Deventer is a centuries-old Hanseatic town by the banks of the river IJssel.
The city embodies its long and rich history, with magnificent monuments, handsome squares and old museums, with a very enjoyable atmosphere. During 1000-1500 Deventer grew as a city due to it being able to handle large ships in port. After a decline in growth the city moved to a more industrial movement. Today you can see local ship movements online through Fleetmon’s network.


Welcome on Board Singapore and Quebec!

We  got two new AIS stations at Singapore and Québec. Singapore went online on the 25th of May, while our station in Québec is transmitting its data since yesterday. The station in Singapore captured more than 345 ship signals on its first day.

Live view of Singapore today with just one antenna

Live view of Singapore today with just one antenna

live view of tankers only around Singapore

live view of tankers only around Singapore

With the addition of live AIS coverage at the Port of Québec, we are proud to be expanding our coverage in Canada.

Live view of the Port of Québec, Kanada

Live view of the Port of Québec, Kanada

Have a look at the FM explorer to see for yourself.
If you also want to install an AIS station and help us to improve our coverage, please contact us.

Improved AIS coverage for Portugal, USA and the UK!

Four additional AIS stations have recently gone online. Two of them are located in the USA to provide more coverage for the Great Lakes, as well as Newburyport in Massachusetts.

Great Lakes with live AIS coverage

Live vessel traffic on the Great Lakes

AIS coverage of Newburyport

See what’s happening at Newburyport!

Portugal and the UK have also received new stations! Just have a look at them on your FleetMon Explorer.

Live AIS traffic at Portugal

Portugal’s heavy cargo traffic.

St. Peter Port real-time vessel tracking

A more detailed view of the Port of St. Peter

If you would like to become an AIS host partner for FleetMon and help us to improve our coverage, please contact us!

Welkom bij Curaçao!

February 19th, 2015 FleetMon.com News

Fresh and fantastic AIS coverage in the Caribbean Sea is available for all FleetMon users now!

Monitor vessels traveling through the passage between the island of Curaçao and Venezuela:

Live marine traffic in the passage between Curaçao and Venezuela.

Present marine traffic in the waters around Curaçao

Want to improve live vessel tracking for other islands of the Netherlands Antilles? Click here to contact us and we will inform you how to do this!

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